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Boost your Instagram marketing with a few simple settings & make your account popular and in-demand quickly

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Toolzu is a professional bot to boost follower growth on Instagram

Low-cost follower growth: $0.006* for a real relevant follower

Zero risk:we give your money back if your followers don’t grow

Simple set up: it takes 3 minutesto start getting followers

Full support: our competent team is ready tohelp 24/7

Toolzu Instagram bot

With the Toolzu Instagram bot, you get only followers that are truly interested in your content

How does the Instagram follower bot work?

To get Instagram followers fast and risk-free, the bot automates liking, following, and unfollowing from your account. All the activities made by Toolzu will appear as if you’re doing them manually. The bot performs 1,250+ actions/day on targeted users’ accounts while purely imitating the behavior of a human

  • Put likes on posts

  • Put likes on comments

  • Watch Stories

  • Follow accounts

  • Unfollow accounts

Instagram follower bot
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Why is Toolzu the best Instagram bot?

instagram bot
The bot does your Instagram promotion even when you’re sleeping. And you will wake up an Instagram star
instagram bot

Zlatan Drawnhead

Account Manager

Instagram follower bot

Full Instagram automation

The Instagram follower bot performs thousands of promotional actions made from your account easily. You won’t need to lift a finger once you’ve set up the Toolzu bot. But you will feel the influx of vast new followers in your account soon.

Toolzu Instagram bot


The Toolzu Instagram bot has lots of safety shields to protect your account from being banned: safe start, safe mode, and a powerful VPN. No matter where you are, the bot will automate your Instagram follower growth from your location. All the activities in your account are performed by a bot just like a human

Toolzu bot

Precise filters

Thousands of followers that will come to your account are strictly targeted according to your parameters. You can get all the followers from your competitors’ accounts, from relevant hashtags, and locations. With the Toolzu bot, you can attract real potential followers and clients

How to get more Instagram followers with Toolzu

  • Step 1

    It will take no more than 3 minutes to sign up for our Instagram bot and set it up. Sign up & connect your Instagram account

  • Step 2

    Set up your promotion by adjusting bot activities: target the audience, set daily limits, enable filters, & choose the actions the bot will perform

Voila! The Toolzu bot is ready to make your Instagram popular and track down all results for you to control and manipulate its work


With a Toolzu Insta follower bot, you get only relevant and real followers. Toolzu is a professional tool to target settings and command the bot. Set up the language, gender, even the following size of the targeted accounts. Set up blacklists for the bot for more sharp promotion. Also, you get detailed statistics of every bot work period.

No, your Instagram account won’t get banned as Toolzu Insta bot is a professional tool. 10000+ accounts of our clients and growing with this Instagram bot without any problems right now. Toolzu Insta follower bot has limitations both on the number of followers/likes/watches, etc. per day, and on the frequency of requests — for example, do not follow too quickly. Toolzu already has its own limits built-in, which guarantee safe use.

From the experience of our clients, we can say you can get from 1 to 3000+ followers in a month with Toolzu bot. The number of followers you get totally depends on how you set up the bot. How to get more followers on Instagram with a Toolzu bot? Make your Instagram account look perfect and engaging. Set up Toolzu bot to get a relevant audience, which will be truly interested in your content with filters (gender, number of followers, language) and targeting (hashtags, locations, rivals’ accounts followers).