Instagram stalker service for a professional social media spy

Keep up to date with everything happening on any other person's Instagram account, using the Toolzu Instagram viewer. In less than a minute you will view any Instagram account posts and Stories without leaving a trace.

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100% anonymity

No one will ever know that you were on the user's page. Watch Stories and posts on Instagram from a web server, without any connection to your Instagram account.

No registration

Don’t show your account name or personal data. Without registration, view the Stories and posts anonymously.

From any device

View Instagram Stories and posts anonymously from any device and any browser. Just go to the website, enter the account name you’d like to spy on, and watch.

100% free

You can anonymously view Instagram Stories and posts for free. No payment is required.

Why do you need an Instagram stalker?

Follow the Instagram pages of future and ex-boyfriends/girlfriends and friends

If you are still creating fake accounts to view Stories, you can stop doing that right now. Using the Instagram stalker service, you can view IG Stories without getting into the viewers' lists. We guarantee the anonymity of your browsing, because you do not log in to the application, and your account is protected by default.

Master professional surveillance of competitors in your business

You no longer need to give away your presence on the Instagram pages of competitors. Instagram Stalking web version tool can be used and you can follow their activity to get inspired and copy their ideas for use in your Instagram account.

If you don't have an Instagram account

If you rejected using Instagram, deleted your account or have never been registered on Instagram, but you would like to be aware of what is happening with your friends — you can use the Instagram viewer to view any public Instagram accounts.

You need an Instagram spy if you are a parent

Instagram is exactly the social network that makes many parents decide to use a spying tool. Today it is difficult to meet a child who doesn’t have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, so it has become more difficult for parents to know exactly what their children are doing on the internet. A Toolzu Instagram Stalker allows them to monitor their children's pages on social networks anonymously, and not to make the child feel under constant control.

Why Toolzu Instagram Stalker is the best way to spy on Instagram accounts

You don't need fake accounts

You don't need to create a fake account. This is what many people do who want to watch Stories without being displayed in the list of viewers. In fact, even if you delete your profile, you will still be able to watch the Stories you are interested in.

Browse Instagram even if you're blocked

You can watch the content of those who have limited privacy settings. For example, some users may change access, and you will not be able to view their Stories from any account created on your device. In this case, or even if you are blocked, you will still have access to these visuals via the Toolzu Instagram viewer.

How to view other people's Instagram accounts anonymously

It's very easy to watch Stories without an Instagram account and anonymously. To do this, you will need a link to the target profile. For example, you can copy it either from the Instagram app or from the browser panel if you need to download a visual or view it:

  • Enter the name of the author's account. This operation can be performed either from a phone or from a computer. In the application, you will need to open the target profile and select the menu in the upper right corner (three dots). In the list that opens, select Copy URL. Note that it will be impossible to view the content of someone whose profile is private.
  • Wait for a little. After inserting the link, the service will search for the media files for a while. This may take up to 30 seconds.
  • View the Stories of any Instagram profile. Watch the Story anonymously. After finding the file, you can open it and view it both on your phone and on your computer. This file has a button to download.


Is it possible to view the history of private Instagram accounts?
No service will have access to the media files because they will be protected by the Instagram system. In this case, only creating a fake profile may help you.
Can I view Instagram Stories anonymously from a computer?
Yes, you can view Instagram Stories anonymously using this service free of charge and from any smartphone or computer, and any browser – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
Can I see previous Stories of the Instagram account anonymously?
You don't need to check each profile yourself to see what is being published today. The fact is that the service can track Stories for several days and upload them to the server, from where you can view and selectively download the content you like for reuse.
Do I need to install anything to be an Instagram stalker?
You don't need to bother with installing software or programs, applications, or bots – this Instagram viewer tool is a web service. You don't have to install anything.
Can I download Stories that I’ve watched as an Instagram stalker?
Sure, you can save ANY video from a public Instagram profile with Toolzu Insta video downloader anonymously.