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Analyze Instagram account for better performance. Audit your, competitors’ and niche leaders’ accounts and make improvements.

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Best Instagram Analytics Tool

10+ Metrics for the most comprehensive analysis of Instagram profiles

  • Number of followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Average users activity
  • Posts per day and week
  • Uploads amount
  • Amount of posts and their ER
  • Most popular post time
  • Top hashtags used
  • Top caption words
  • Audience interest
  • Top most commented posts
  • Top most liked posts

Why do you need Instagram analytics?

Full Instagram profile analysis helps to master your performance


Increase engagement

Post on the right time with the right hashtags to make your followers active.


Create better content

Analyze what content is well-liked on Instagram and do the same


Reach new audience

Increase publications reach and impressions to grow your account

Precise Instagram analysis for any purpose

Precise Data at Your Fingertips. Any time


For Brands

Find ambassadors and influencers for collaborations.


For Influencers

Find new collaborations prospects and improvement opportunities.


For Individuals

Define your role model and improve your current strategy to get better results

Instagram Tracker in Action

Make your growth strategy based on facts with Instagram statistics


Type the Username

Enter any account you are interested in to get its precise statistics.


Get the Insights

Get the instant 10+ metrics of any profile to have a holistic vision.


Work out your strategy

Define or improve your strategy according to your business aims.

Why Choose Toolzu Analyzer Over Others?

Our Instagram analytics tool is developed for your convenience and profit


Smart Algorithms

Thanks to the advanced algorithms applied in Toolzu Analyzer, you will receive the most precise profile analytics.



You don’t have to install any complex software, all you need it to enter the account link and press Analyze.


Fast analytics

You don’t have to wait for hours and days, the results of the analysis will be delivered in seconds. Save time for yourself!


Understandable Infographic

The analysis results will be visualized for you to have a coherent idea of the account dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Instagram Analyzer?
Instagram Analyzer is an artificial intelligence-based tool that conducts a precise analysis of 15 metrics of any Instagram profile.
2. How does Instagram Profile Analyzer work?
Analyzer collects a profile’s data, analyzes it and reports the statistics in the form of figures and infographics.
3. How to use Instagram Profile Analyzer?
  • Open Instagram Analyzer page;
  • Enter any Instagram username;
  • Click Analyze.

You will get the result in a couple of seconds.

4. Can I analyze any Instagram profile?
You can analyze any public account. It’s impossible to analyze private profiles.
5. Can Instagram Profile Analyzer help me grow on Instagram?

Sure! You can use the results of the analysis to analyze your competitor’s behavior on Instagram and borrow some ideas for promotion from them.

By analyzing your own account, you will get insights into your account management strategy's weaknesses and strengths. It will help you to improve your profile and boost followers.