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What is a Reddit video downloader?

Reddit downloader is a web-based tool suitable for downloading Reddit videos with audio (or without), animated GIFs, or converting just media content from Reddit to mp4. Reddit is a news website consisting of user-generated content. People may upload or attach media content to a post or comment. To get video from Reddit, you have to use a third-party tool as Reddit doesn't provide a video downloading opportunity off the website. So, it is the Reddit video download tool that helps you copy Reddit video or, so to say, save it to a PC or phone to be able to access it at any time and not even have to go to the Reddit page.

Why use the download Reddit video tool?

  1. Download videos from Reddit in seconds

    You need to follow only two quick actions: copying a video URL and pasting it into the Reddit save page's insertion box.

  2. Free to use

    No payments are required. The only thing you need is a good internet connection to use the Reddit video downloader and download video off Reddit successfully.

  3. It provides a quality choice

    You are free to pick out the best video quality to enjoy watching it to the full in the future from a device.

  4. It doesn't need installation

    The Reddit download engine operates online. So, no installation (even registration) is required.

How to save Reddit videos

The download Reddit video tool has a logical interface, so you only need to follow two steps, and the video is yours!

  1. Copy a media content link

    Find a video or GIF on Reddit and pick out "Share" then "Copy link" or right-click on the video URL bar (tap & hold the video in case of phone usage) to copy its address.

  2. Insert the link into the Reddit mp4 download tool

    Load the video downloader via any browser, paste the link into the insertion bar and hit "Download" to get the video on a device "Downloads" folder.


1. Why does the tool not find the video?
It means that media content is not hosted on the website or it is just an animated GIF
2. Why is the video playing without sound?
The thing is, some videos have no sound, or you're just downloading an animated GIF
3. Where is the media content saved?
All videos are uploaded to the local device's folder, usually called "Downloads"