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Now it’s straightforward to download videos from Tumblr to mp4 to your handy gadget. Discover all download Tumblr video service possibilities to keep the desired content without payments.

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What is a Tumblr video downloader?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform full of various content, including videos too, but, unfortunately, you can’t download Tumblr video content off the platform. But there is always a way out. Welcome to our video downloader Tumblr that is handy to deal with!

Tumblr video download instrument allows you to convert Tumblr video to mp4 and store it on a mobile/computer/tablet to relish the uploaded media content offline, share with friends within other social networks, or just keep videos on a trusted device not to lose it.

How to save videos off Tumblr in 3 steps

Download Tumblr videos without wasting much of your precious time. Follow this short guide below to download Tumblr vids using any browser.

  1. Copy a Tumblr video URL: share > copy link after picking out the desired content on Tumblr.
  2. Switch to the Tumblr downloader using any browser to insert the video URL into the Tumblr converter’s insert box.
  3. Click on the download icon to upload the video into a device’s “Downloads” folder.

5 reasons to try the Tumblr video download tool

  1. Resolution options

    Pick out any video format (up to 1080) for downloading and enjoy watching videos on any device in a high resolution.

  2. Free to use

    Save Tumblr video content instant skipping any software installation or logging to a Tumblr video saver page. The sole thing you should have for successful video uploading is a good internet connection.

  3. Any operating system support

    You are free to download from Tumblr media content using Windows, Linux, macOS, etc., to keep videos on a trusted device (Android, iPhone, PC, etc.).

  4. Quick download speed

    Just wait for a couple of seconds after pressing the “Download” button to upload content on a device.

  5. Online usage

    Download Tumblr video straight from the saver page without installation as the tool is web-based.


1. How to download a video from Tumblr?

Follow this simple guide:

  • copy a video address;
  • paste it in Tumblr video downloader’s insert box and tap “Download”;
  • go to a device “Downloads” folder to relish the stored content.
2. Is it necessary to register in the Tumblr video downloader?
No, there is no need to sign in here, so you may proceed with the download straight away: connect a device to the internet, go to the saver page via a browser and insert a previously copied video link from Tumblr to launch an uploading process.
3. Is there a limit on downloads?
No, you are free to keep as much media content as you wish. The Tumblr video saver is free to use at any time.