Twitch Clip Downloader

Hey, my avid gamer! Welcome to the best place to save twitch clips!
Download twitch videos in seconds for free.

What is a twitch video downloader mp4?

We are pleased to introduce our handy clip downloader to you that is the most advanced and straightforward way to save clips from your favorite platform.

We know your passion for streaming and especially when it comes to online games. Now we've made watching streaming even more enjoyable for you, gamer.

In this chaotic world, it is simply impossible to watch every stream clip in Twitch — there are more important things to do, too. What about viewing your favorite game video in live format later on? It's all solved: now you can download it to your device and watch it later, whenever it's convenient for you. Thus, you'll have time to do your business and be in the loop on all things gamer.

Why should you try this Twitch clip downloader?

  1. It's convenient

    You may now watch clips on Twitch offline by downloading it and browsing at a time that suits you. Make your life easier.

  2. It's easy

    Downloading twitch videos has never been so easy. You need to pass through 2 simple steps to download a twitch video: copy and paste. That's all — no registration and payments. Open the clip downloader page on a browser and enjoy a simple saving twitch clips process.

  3. It's safe

    We've done everything we can to make you feel safe getting life videos from Twitch. The Toolzu video downloader doesn't require installation or any registration. So, all your data is safe. Download twitch clip without hesitation.

  4. It's free

    No charges or demo versions. You are free to download twitch clips at any time and unlimited.

How to download twitch videos

Get streams in seconds without any complicated steps with the Toolzu twitch clip downloader. The answer to how to download twitch clips has never been more straightforward.

  1. Find a video on platform you desire to save to browse later.
  2. Play it and copy the video address (URL).
  3. Visit the Toolzu clip saver and insert the URL into the tool's entry field.
  4. Hit the “Download” button and explore the saved content from a device “Downloads”.


1. What is Twitch?
Twitch is a trendy platform among gamers that was developed for streaming video games. So you can watch videos of your favorite game in life format.
2. Does the twitch clip downloader save videos in high quality?
It does not spoil the quality of the downloaded video. Therefore, after saving, you will watch the video like on the Twitch platform.
3. Where can I find the saved video?
Videos are usually saved to the Downloads folder. So, go to the device Downloads to browse the videos there.