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Poor Wifi can piss on parade. Avoid it by saving IGTV on computer or phone. Do it with no hassle in no time and without quality loss


No registration needed

No apps download and sign-ups, save IGTV online


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Forget about low-quality content, save high-resolution IGTV only


Use from any device

Save Instagram TV videos from any browser, any OS


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Instagram IGTV Downloader?
It is a unique service with which you are able to save all IGTV to your phones, tablets, and laptops and watch them any time. The unique development makes it possible to save high-resolution content of any public account.
2. How can I use IGTV downloader?

It takes 3 steps from you to download an Instagram TV video. Check out how to do it:

  • Open Downloader
  • Enter a username to save all IGTV from a profile or paste a link to a particular IGTV and press Download;
  • Make sure that you save what you want and click Download once again.

The IGTV video will be downloaded quickly to your local storage.

3. How many videos can I download at a time?
If you enter a username, all IGTV videos from this account will be downloadable. There are no limits — just click on those that you need. But pay attention: if you enter a link to a particular video, you can save just this particular video.
4. Can I save Instagram TV for free?
Sure. Our Downloader is absolutely free for each and everyone. Moreover, no registration is needed.
5. Is using IGTV downloader legal?
Sure, it is lawful to save IGTV but it’s forbidden to publish it in your own way or use for commercial purposes. At least, you need to ask for the content owner’s permission. Moreover, you have to name him/her as an author. That is fair.
6. Where can I find all the saved IGTV videos?
You can find all saved IGTV videos in the Downloads folder on your PC (Windows, Mac, iOS). The same is for phone storages. Plus, saved videos will appear in your Gallery immediately.