Word Unscrambler

Welcome to our word unscramble tool's page! Here you are free to try our words unscrambler in usage to be the first in such word games as Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordscraper, Word Cookies, Wordfeud, TextTwist, and others.

Enter letters:max - 15, use '?' for wild cards (blanks).

What is the Word unscrambler?

To put it simply, it is a specially designed tool for those who adore word brainstorming games making up different words from a combination of letters. The letter unscrambler helps you not run out of ideas playing on word games or when you want to exercise your brain and learn more exciting words. The tool can unscramble letters to make words in seconds according to the letter tiles you've entered. It operates like a reorganizer unscrambling words and letters into different winning combinations.

How does the tool unscramble letters?

The instrument has an in-built feature (so-called smart search engine); the main aim is to unscramble the letters you've entered into valid and exciting words. Besides, don't hesitate to set up filters to get specific words according to your query. Of course, you can ignore filter usage. Then, the tool will unscramble letters into words and suggest all possible combinations. You'll not find here a tricky unscrambling algorithm as the word unscrambler is a handy and straightforward tool without a need to be installed on your pc or other devices. Just open the tool's page with a browser, and voila, you may proceed to unscramble a word immediately. NB : see a detailed but short guide below about how to unscramble words quickly.

How to use the instrument to get unscrambled words quickly?

  1. Step 1.Paste letters into an empty field to unscramble them and get word options (you may paste up to 3 "?" or "space").
  2. Step 2.Use filters to get specific results, or skip this step and press the "Unscramble" button straight away.
  3. That's all! You'll get the results in seconds with a letters count, definitions, and other helpful info.


1. How to unscramble words and letters with the tool?
To get word combinations and ideas, insert letters into an empty box of the unscrambler, pick out filters if necessary and press the button to gel all possible combination options.
2. Can the tool unscramble word combos on a phone?
Yes, the tool is compatible with any device. It doesn't matter what operating system, a device you use as the word unscrambler operates in a web-based mode.
3. Is there a limit to the number of words that can be “deciphered”?
No, you are free to unscramble as many letters combo as you need. But here's a tip: if you use a word unscrambler in the game, make sure everyone is allowed to use it beforehand; otherwise, it's not fair!