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About TikTok downloader

TT downloader is used to save media content from TikTok to mp4 format /HD resolution or transform to audio mp3 from a well-known trendy service called TikTok.

The Tik Tok video downloader provides you with the opportunity to keep videos from TikTok without watermark display on a saved video.
It is a so-called TikTok watermark remover that makes it easy for you to enjoy/share a video in the future in high quality without the logo.

Save TikTok without watermark media content on pc (any operating systems) or mobile phones to keep TikTok downloaded videos safe on a trusted and handy device.

4 reasons to discover the TikTok video downloader right now

  1. No Installation

    Get TikTok media content without TikTok downloader installation.

  2. No TT watermark

    Upload videos in good quality without a TT logo.

  3. No limits

    Download an unlimited number of videos for free.

  4. Any device usage

    Save important content for your further inspirational/motivational/educational goals to a mobile, computer, tablet, etc., or just share with friends.

How to download TikTok videos

The Tik Tok downloader is a web-based engine. Thus, to download Tik Tok videos online, the only thing to consider before using the Tik Tok download video service is a good internet connection to get videos quickly and effectively.

A simple guide on how to download a TikTok video:


1. Why does it show “error” when I download?

The error can be because the video is a private/unavailable/wrong link or due to some problems on the website. If the problem is due to the last two reasons, try reload the site and copy the link again.

2. Where to find a stored video?

Usually, a video is saved into a local/default folder called “Downloads”.

3. Are there any pro-versions of the saver or extensions?

We have already included all the best for successful video downloads on this site.