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Sometimes when browsing the IG app, you may not know who is sending a message request – the Instagram profile picture (small circle in the upper left corner on your account) can’t be zoomed in by default. If you carefully track everyone who sends requests to follow your account. The only method is inspecting the profile picture in full size via web-services.

Users of Instagram who protect their content make the profile unavailable for unfamiliar users to see. Following in response may be not what you want. But you don’t want to fail when trying to know who sends you a follow request or a DM request. The smallest icons can’t get converted into the full size profile pictures by default – so is it possible to see them somehow?

The full Insta DP (or the main profile photo) is too small to help you recognize the person. In this case, a special tool called Insta DP viewer will help you explore any profile picture in full resolution– we describe the process in the second section.

In fact, the smallest visual in the Instagram app can be enlarged to its original size. You can also want to download a profile picture at the best speed.

How to view Instagram profile picture in full size

To view anyone Insta profile pic, the Instagram username should be written accurately.

  • Open the app or the IG site in browsers and carefully copy the letters. Please note that you should exclude typos. From the app, the name can’t be transferred. Therefore, carefully paste it into the search bar to find this user without errors.

  • Try service. A trusted toolkit that can find any profile picture full size & in the original resolution. It means that the visual may be inspected in the size it was uploaded to the IG server. The advantage of using this tool – quick view full size visuals is combined with instantly downloads of anyone’s Instagram media files.

  • After you choose the Browse option, the DP of the user opens in a heartbeat. If you're trying to screenshoot, it can be less effective. If it’s the visual quality that matters, read the data extraction method.

Instagram DP download method: top profile pic downloader 2022

How to download Instagram profile perfect-quality images:

Perform the steps described in the section above – enter a username, find the main photo by using the site. After these actions, it remains only to tap on Download. In ten seconds the photo will be saved on your smartphone or computer.

The convenience of this method is that the service is located on the web – it work like a normal site that may be opened both from a mobile device on any of its operating systems and through a browser. There’s no need to additionally download any application which can help to save free space on your device disk.

The Insta DP viewer – top reasons to add to your bookmarks

This service provides solutions to many IG tasks for simple users and businesses :
#1 You can filter your audience

In case users don’t want an unfamiliar person to follow their updates and at the same time they don’t follow them in return ( these may have a private IG). It can get the vital image closer to their eyes.

Of course, if the Instagram DP shows their real face. In any case, this will allow you to take a closer look and reveal who your subscribers are.

#2 When you receive DM / follow requests from strangers

Often in Instagram Direct, people whom you don’t follow can text. To understand who is contacting you, apply any website powered Instagram profile viewer. All in all, the tool is an insider hack to uncover the users who are sending a new follow request.

#3 Keep track of those users who have banned you

Such a tricky website is the legal way for you to find what seems impossible. In fact, all files posted online in public access will be available even if any user has blocked in the application.

They may block their account, but in no way they can prevent you from viewing content via web services. Only if that user's content is private to everyone. Therefore, in this way, you can view only Insta full DP even of those users who have restricted access in the privacy settings.

In case people don't sign up, they may follow the updates of a particular user. Such web services allow access to content without login – the main profile photo is also for prior publication.

There are also services that can help you browse not only the main image, but also stories, feed photos – even of those users that don’t follow or who may have blocked you.

Insta-zoom advantages: the simplest & fast Insta DP download

While Instagram app don't plan to embed changes to their platform to help users view small circles, you test solutions like Insta-Zoom.
#1 High download speed

You can gain photos in a several seconds after entering a nickname.

#2 Anonymity

Enjoy no-log access to images at full speed – Insta-zoom never require to specify personal account login data. Sleep peacefully being sure that users will never determine that you were zooming in the photo.

#3 Free download option

This feature isn’t often offered by other similar services, however it may be necessary. For instance, when collecting references, or to admire content even offline.