How I tripled The Instagram Shop Revenue In A Month

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I bet you understand how lucrative Instagram is for dropshipping shops, services, and big brands. By the end of this article, based on my personal experience, you'll discover precise tips ready to apply for any Instagram business account. If you put my advice into practice, in a short time, your business:

  • will get the audience interested in your goods/services;
  • convert this audience into leads;
  • attract influencers;
  • boost with UGC – user-generated content.

Several years ago, Instagram introduced a shoppable feed. This instrument suggests you people can buy directly on the Instagram account. Shopping posts gained a high demand – business owners have a chance to create aesthetic imagery, tagged with prices, and selling captions.

Many of us, Instagram-based entrepreneurs, ask tree questions:

  1. What to begin with when setting aside the IG business?
  2. Should I create an Instagram business account or not?
  3. Can I have an IG shop without a website?

That's what the first chapter of this article explains: the basis of launching a shop on Instagram. Let's start with the cornerstone and move to a thriving example!

Instagram shop: what to begin with?

You have two options to organize your business on Instagram: switch a business account or use Instagram shopping. The first is the simplest.

The easy way – Set up a business account

A business profile on Instagram is a free option any users can put into practice when they need their account to function for sales and lead generation. The difference between a personal account and a business account is:

  • Improved analytics – you can monitor demographic and behavior data to adjust better targeting;
  • Direct contacting – clients can call, email, and reach your right from the IG profile.

So, use these free benefits and make your profile business. Better if you have a website you can put into your bio. But if you don't, you can organize your store on Instagram or Facebook. Nevertheless, this method has several limitations I'll explain further.

Advanced way – Upgrade to shoppable feed

instagram shop

Tagged selling posts are a brilliant invention. But this luxury is available in the limited locations for now. Also, have in mind these terms:

  1. Your shop must comply with IG policies and rules. Explore them on the official website.
  2. You can only trade physical goods. The shoppable feed for services is not possible now.
  3. Your account must be business and connected to Facebook Catalog.

If you feel comfortable with these rules and your country is on the list, I recommend you to operate the full-fledged Instagram store with many functions.

All in all, there are plenty of options to sell goods on the Internet without a website: with Instagram business page, shoppable feed, or Facebook catalog.

Going back to the primary question: How I increased my IG shop leads three times in a month?

Explore my strategy below!

Instagram business account: 5 hacks to triple sales

About the shop. Sunroom is a store with the finest tailored women apparel, jewelry, footwear, and accessories. All pieces are made by contemporary designers and artists all over the world.

instagram business account

Challenge. My main goal was to find niche customers who are not just liking our Instagram content. But transfer them into loyal clients and brand admirers. Also, I needed to attract like-minded influencers.

There are secret tips I want to share with you. Pin them and adapt to your business:

# 1 Pro-hashtagging

mature SMM

Many of you guys blindly apply hashtags missing the real power they have. Even mature SMM experts practice guessing. Stop it – better no hashtags than guessed! That is what I did with Toolzu Hashtags finder:

  1. I defined keywords for these categories: my products, the brand, and the location;
  2. I generated 4-5 hashtags sets for each category I saved in Google doc.
  3. I tested them and indicated the best hashtags for Sunroom.

Now I put just several hashtags. But applying all 30 for the first time helped me to win over interested clientele very fast. I’m sure this trick will work for you

Let me show you the example for finding product niche hashtags:

hashtag generator

  • I typed keywords into a search bar – you can use up to 5 keys any language you want;
  • I copied 3 difficult hashtags, 10 medium, and the rest low or niche hashtags.
  • I mixed them up in my further posts.

And the miracle happened, thanks for business hashtags I got:

  1. +145-200 new followers every day;
  2. +150% website visits;
  3. +295% more orders.

Eventually, I advise you to repeat this trick with the keywords related to your every product and location. Small business hashtags are essential for startups, while big companies attract their audience organically.

#2 Hashtags for navigation

I recommend every Instagram store selling several product categories to navigate through branded hashtags. This trick improves your brand's discoverability and assists the in-shop search. Example:

hashtag for navigation

#sunroomjewelry – People tap this branded hashtag and view every piece for sale.

Create hashtags navigation for goods in stock, sales, hot offers, and discounts

You may put navigation tips in your Store’s bio.

#3 Systemize UGC

your loyal clients

Posts made by your loyal clients are the best-selling testimonials you shouldn't ignore. People would rather trust Amanda's Story review than a colorful banner in IG ads.

How to systemize UGC? You need a #brandedhashtag to explore the latest posts by your clients. Also, you can ask influencers and clients to tag your account in the caption or on the photo.

How to find people willing to cooperate with your IG shop? I use the Instagram search tool. It lets you to lets you explore IG accounts sorted according to niche, followers count, and gender.

Instagram search tool

#4 Work with Influencers

If you sell for the younger generation, you should take into account their stardoms. And they are not Hollywood celebrities; they are next door Insta influencers and YouTube bloggers

In my influencer marketing, I use influencer marketing platforms, Instagram search tools I described above, and Profile Analyzer. Let me explain how the IG profile scan works.

Instagram profile analyzer

You just need to copy the name of a user and paste it here. Thus, you see the beautifully visualized stats helping you to decide whether to cooperate with this influencer or not. The calculated Engagement rate, influencer's activity, posting hours, TOP posts are at your disposal.

visualized stats

Convenient, and 100% recommended!

# 5 CTA is a must

marketing funnel

Post on your Instagram shop, have several seconds to grab attention in the feed, and spur people to buy. You should encourage IGers with a catchy call-to-action, better in the form of a link. That is a cornerstone of any marketing funnel.

Thus, people spend more time in your IG store, improving metrics that determine how Instagram ranks your content. The more time people spend within your account, the more they are ready to buy. Ask them:

  1. to follow your link in bio;
  2. to tag a friend;
  3. to comment.

As you see, I direct my followers to the latest interview with Sunroom artists. I hope this content will inspire them to shop online and share insights with friends!

My final word

Business on Instagram is a lucrative income source for beginners and big brands. How to launch a store and make it profitable:

  1. Set aside a business account or a shoppable feed on Instagram;
  2. Generate Hashtags tied to your goods selection, location, brand;
  3. Create navigation across your IG shop with hashtags;
  4. Explore UGC and influencers with Instagram search and Profiles analyzer.
  5. Call to action in 95% of your posts.

Following this simple strategy helped me to increase sales 3 times. I hope your earnings will be even higher! By the way, you can try the tools I mentioned in this article for free for 7 days.

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Braxton Drew 15/04/2020 18:37:31

Wow, this idea (leave a call to action in the posts) is what I need! Organic traffic has grown markedly, despite the fact that I have not made any more changes to my account. We need to work out a discount policy in order to diversify the motivational program for buyers.

Zack Pothier 15/04/2020 19:17:56

You are welcome! Good luck, Braxton!;)

Harper 10/04/2020 14:47:01

Of course, I don’t really believe in the power of different applications, but as an experiment I used Intsagram search tool to find users for cooperation. As it turned out, many influencers are ready to make an advertisement on barter.
Thanks for the idea!

Zack Pothier 13/04/2020 14:33:07

You are weicome, Harper!;)

Oscar 09/04/2020 15:22:11

So how to create a branded hashtag? I thought that you need to pay for them, but apparently, you just need to use the same personal hashtag all the time for all posts, am I right?

Zack Pothier 09/04/2020 15:26:51

Yes, you should constantly use your brand’s unique hashtag. Thats all. ;D

Lauren 09/04/2020 14:31:24

Hmm, this is a pretty exciting idea of ​​(Create navigation across your IG shop with hashtags). I hope your ideas help in promoting my Instagram shop. Who knows, maybe I will start using the hashtag generator. :D

Zack Pothier 09/04/2020 14:34:55

I recommend you try the generator. For some reason, I am sure that you will be satisfied.

Alex 07/04/2020 15:35:46

I really liked your Instagram business account ideas, I mean hacks to triple sales. I will check your tips on my account. I hope that they will help me. :)

Zack Pothier 08/04/2020 16:37:56

You are welcome, Alex! Let me know about your progress .;)

Michael 07/04/2020 15:13:47

Instagram shop feature is that you can reach a vast audience if, of course, you know what you are doing. I am happy that I came across this article. I didn’t think about the fact that hashtags play such a significant role in promoting an account. I never attached importance to them.

Zack Pothier 08/04/2020 16:32:37

Yes! Correctly using hashtags can significantly increase the audience of your posts. You are welcome, Michael.;)

Edgar 06/04/2020 15:43:43

Thanks for the help and for a very interesting article! Over the next month, I will try to promote my Business account on Instagram and in the same way as the author triple the income of the store. Wish me good luck!=))

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 13:00:30

Good luck, Edgar!

Viola 04/04/2020 13:00:13

Wow, thanks for that detailed article that will be useful to anyone who wants to promote their business account on Instagram! I would like to know even more secrets of promoting on Instagram.

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 13:15:06

You are welcome Viola. I wish you more inspiration!=)

Mary 03/04/2020 15:09:20

And I knew that the right hashtags are always important, and even for Instagram shop accounts. For a very long time, I tried to find a good system that not only picks up any hashtags but makes the hashtag information more detailed. Thanks a lot.

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 13:17:33

You are absolutely right! You are welcome, Mary;)

Noah 03/04/2020 14:59:20

It turns out that you can arrange a shop revenue growth in a short time. It is useful information, but again, it requires hard work and an understanding of all the principles of the store on Instagram. Thank you for helping to understand how this works.

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 13:18:58

I аm glad I could help you. You аre welcome!

John 03/04/2020 13:18:34

Thank you, a really useful article! I plan to open my business on Instagram, so it was very useful for me to read your tips on how to promote a business account.

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 13:20:12

You are welcome! I wish you success in business.=)

Tony 03/04/2020 13:12:48

I am looking for ways to make my instagram business account more popular and found your article. I do not agree with some of your recommendations yet, but I will try them anyway within a month. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 13:21:40

Thank you for your comment, Tony!;)

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