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New Year marketing on socials

The first winter month is a hot time for businesses. It is, on the one hand, a period of increased demand for gifts, decorations, and various goods and services related to the upcoming holidays, which is a good side. Yet, on the other hand, competition in the market is becoming even fiercer, and consumers need to be more exacting for the originality of the products offered.

Because of this, brands must use every means possible to differentiate themselves from other offerings in the market. And since Instagram is one of the top 5 most popular social networks, it is an ideal solution to attract your target audience and increase sales with various Christmas-themed posts.

Let's remember the basics to move on

You need to clearly understand what tasks a particular post solves before introducing it into the feed. For example, bringing out a new product or service and motivating the user to purchase may involve two different strategies. And if in the first case, the result is easier to achieve by expanding your reach, then in the second one, it will be more important for you to get focused on the target audience.

So, we can go out here and start describing how an entertaining post differs from a commercial one. But it would be too long, and, what makes the point, their pure forms are found only in theory.

You already have big shoes to fill, so we want to ease the process up as much as possible. There is just one rule we are bringing down for a holiday table. Before you post something on your feed, answer yourself just two questions: What do I want to get in the end? Which users do I need to attract for this?

It is high time we saw what good things you can do for your business on Instagram to make Christmas come early.

Special Product Showcases for a Festive Season

For most countries, December marks the most important holiday of the year. For example, the National Retail Federation estimates that Americans plan to spend an average of $998 on celebrations.

Any thematic design increases sales, regardless of what holiday we are talking about. But at Christmas, this approach turns into a real lifesaver, allowing you to break into the hectic information field and stand out from your competitors.

Some brands prefer not to change the production cycle much and place the main emphasis on holiday packaging. This is how Coca-Cola acts every year by decorating the labels. It might seem a small thing, but it is the very one that works out.

Coca-cola New Year posts

Going on with beverages, we cannot fail to mention the traditional Red Cup Contest from Starbucks.

A huge number of people are looking forward to winter because of the opportunity to purchase their favorite holiday drinks served in a free reusable red holiday cup. Yet, the design of the cups varies from year to year, one thing remains the same. Its pallets and patterns always convey the spirit of the season:

Starbucks holiday flavors

This marketing policy allows brands to achieve the desired effect without much investment, as it doesn’t involve launching anything from scratch. Updating an existing product is what makes the difference.

Similarly, sharing high-quality images or videos of your products in festive settings or with holiday-themed decorations attracts attention and encourages purchases. And adding some whimsies in captions with the font generator is certainly to double the effect!

Holiday Promotions for Spreading Christmas Vibes

Gratitude is the basis of Christmas. Well, most likely you have something to thank your audience for. Think about what nice things you can do in return.

This way, Amazon released a touching ad featuring three old ladies watching children ride on a snowy mountain. Inspired by the picture seen, one of them buys ice cubes and gives them to her friends so they can ride together and remember their childhood.

A great message about how fun has no age. And if you suddenly decide to go all out, then Amazon is always here for you to make even the wildest dreams come true.

 Amazon holiday memories

You might want to give something more tangible than an inspirational video. Well, special offers, discounts, or holiday-themed sales will come in handy. After all, while people give gifts to each other, why not a brand do the same for its loyal audience?

For example, Yves Rocher has already held several contests on their Instagram page, where they gave away products from limited Christmas collections.

Yves Rocher New Year posts

In addition to the versatile loyalty program, which allows you to accumulate bonuses for future purchases, the company also announced discounts on certain types of beauty or skincare products.

Yves Rocher New Year discounts

So, it is clear why their products do not stay out on the shelves and often become a gift-giving option.

Behind-the-Scenes Content for Letting in Home Feeling

After all, New Year is a family holiday. And what could be closer to a brand than its team? We find strength and inspiration in the nearest and dearest. So share your affection this festive season and post things you do together.

Lifestyle content is not that difficult to create. You can simply shoot interesting moments at the moment. It is not so catchy for people to learn about a particular team member, yet some joint events or activities are likely to grab attention.

Or go off the beaten track, as the fashion house Dior did. The brand has published on its profile the process of a bottle for the legendary L’Or de Vie, which became a gem of the New Year’s collection.

Dior skincare for New Year

And for true perfume connoisseurs, the brand released a tell-all documentary of the first Dior fragrance. An incredible L’Or de J’adore the long story of the brand as a perfume manufacturer starts with. A thrilling piece to watch!

Dior parfums

An Icing on the Christmas Cake

Christmas advertising on Instagram provides brands with a massive user base, a visually appealing platform, targeted advertising options, influencer collaborations, increased conversions, and engaging content formats. By utilizing these features effectively, brands can maximize their reach, visibility, and sales during the holiday season.

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