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You might not be surprised to learn that 50 percent of weekly Instagram users said that they wanted to see funny content on the social media platform. Good news for Ricky Gervais, although we're not sure he's thrilled about social media. And what about those who have not yet mastered the art of comedy? There is a way out, though! Memes should be a real lifesaver.

Because memes are a combination of an original caption and a ready-made template, they are easier tailored to your niche. And this smooths things down a lot as you don’t have to make up a joke from scratch. Yet, choosing the right meme is actually a formidable task.

Meme marketing, like any marketing, requires strategy. It's not enough to just share the latest internet memes with a few fancy hashtags. You need to consider your target audience, their interests, and how to edit memes for Instagram which are engaging, effective, resonant, and shareable.

Hats off to those smart cookies who nailed it. You deserve this result!

Why Memes May Give Momentum to Leverage Your IG Account

Insta memes

Speaking of results, making your audience smile is already a big step. Zippity-doo for you! The only catch here, it is not the thing that sways promotion on Instagram. So let’s dig deeper and see what practical use memes are able to bring.

To start the ball rolling, a happy user turns into increased engagement. Since memes are the very content that can spark conversations and interactions among your followers, it naturally leads to an upturn in comments, likes, and shares on your posts, ultimately boosting your account's ranking by the IG algorithms.I

t is common knowledge that the more attention you get, the easier it is to reach a wider audience. Typically, if you manage to grab the attention of users, they will be more willing to switch to your profile. This way, you are not only promoting one specific material, but also generally warming up your page on the platform.

The above-mentioned is far from being the only way to grow a subscription. Besides making it to the Explore tab, the word-of-mouth also works. Memes have a high potential to go viral due to their shareable nature. If one of your memes strikes a chord with your audience, it could spread quickly across the platform, bringing in a large influx of new followers to your account.

There are reputational benefits. Memes can be a fun and light-hearted way to showcase your personality and sense of humor. This can help humanize your account and make it more relatable to your audience. By doing so, you add a touch of authenticity and freshness. Such content works well to unite the community around a common thread and make your account experience all-immersive.

However, before you dive headfirst into memes, it's a good idea to know what pitfalls you might encounter along the way. And, believe me, there are a lot of them

How to Walk on Eggshells for Not Put Your Foot in It

how to make a funny content

The principal thing here is to make your humor understandable. Inside jokes will not work. The key objective is to be able to reach as many users as possible. You should stay on the same page with people you come up with memes for. Different generations laugh at different things. So, you need to define your target user.

There is nothing worse than taking up the meme which has already expired. If the wave for some meme has already passed, and you are just going to use it, this is hardly a good idea. The life cycle of many jokes is very short, so you’d better wait for a new one coming.Copyright violation is the thing that Instagram would hardly blow over. You can’t just take memes from the Internet. Since any picture, text, or video has an author, a copying and pasting may bring you trouble. Therefore, be sure to always leave credits.

Keep in mind that memes may be offensive. As long as the Internet is a public space, the memes you post on social networks are statements that are addressed to an unlimited audience. It is important for those who invented memes to be very careful when using words, pictures, or videos for content so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Before you start wondering what memes won't cause unnecessary problems, here's a little backstory to prove that animals are the best generators of funny moments suitable for all occasions. We believe that it is not for nothing that the most expensive meme in history is the “Doge” meme with a Shiba Inu dog. The image was purchased at an NFT auction for $4 million (1697 Ethereum).

So, it's time we found out how to make memes for Instagram that will appeal to any audience.

Cats are Here So Smile Like Cheshire

Actually, since the days of Grumpy Cat, it’s unlikely that anything can compete with cats in terms of memability. Fur balls are a good old classic for all time and take the first place in terms of generated content. Let's take a look at the most popular cats of digital wildlife.

“Happy Happy Happy” Cat

In the original source, the kitten was jumping on its hind legs near a glass door. With the movements much resembling a dance, it was nicknamed “happy” and took a place in a meme library. The meme peaked further in the spring of 2023, after one of the users superimposed the My Happy Song with basically one word (“happy”) onto the video. So, now a Happy Cat appears when something superb happens around that makes you want to jump, waving your paws, like a girl from this Reel who has finally caught up with her bestie.

a happy happy cat meme

Bender the Сhonky Cat

It was 2012 when the cat hit socials, although the video itself was uploaded a year earlier by an Australian blogger. It is a 70-year-old woman named Nella, who has been posting her pet on a @benderchonkycat TikTok account. As the owner puts it, a 13-year big boy is seriously overweight and follows a strict diet. So, the sad look asking for more treats is self-explanatory here.

Users began to apply the meme to showcase a reaction to people who keep on asking annoying stuff. In 2023, the meme took on a new incarnation when someone replaced the demanding meow with a low-pitched "Huh?" sound. It can often be seen in memes demonstrating situations where nothing is clear like the mystery of saving money for the next vacation.

Bender the Сhonky Cat

Luna the Crunchy Cat

Another TikTok star won people’s hearts by loudly crunching, sparing no teeth for that. Besides the fact that Luna is a great example of quality ASMR, it is also ideal for food memes (seeds, crackers, candies, barely anything one can bite). Junk food items go especially well with its determined face.In general,

Luna is able to chew through anything. Just see for yourself.

Luna the Crunchy Cat

The Dancing Cat

The Dancing Cat video for Avril Lavigne's track Girlfriend appeared on the Chinese social network Douyin at the end of October 2023 and hit 4 million likes. It shows a cat lying on the owner's lap, belly up. As the owner moves the pet's paws, it seems as if it were dancing. On top of that, it is like the cat is standing on two legs, which adds to the general vibe. In 2023 the video survived viral repost on TikTok and became popular to convey a “party animal” mood. Yet, we still think this meme fits wider contexts.

Well, the juiciest solution is to, hands down, unite all these charming faces in a single Reel. By doing so, you get more versatile at conveying the whole emotional spectrum. All this helps to complicate the video plots over time. So now some Reels contain a real drama. Just check out what a family flight might look like.

a dancing cat meme

You see, feline friends are a real go-to for adding a pinch of humor into IG presence. Since they are almost everywhere on the platform, finding some relevant inspirational Reels shouldn’t be a challenge. Yet, not that many know how to search for memes on Instagram, and what takes much more effort is how to save them for future use.

If the first part of the quest can be solved through simply putting a meme name into the Search bar, downloading the one you like is not allowed. This is where the Instagram Downloader by Inflact steps in. Get what you need from any public account for your own masterpieces.Fast and easy!

It is Still Pedro, Yet not Paskal in your IG Feed

It is a two-phase trend which started in 2023 after a massive animal recording in a spinning circle mode. Such videos most often were edited to a variety of dance music. Say, “Chipi chipi chapa chapa” melody was a common choice for them. It was light, cheerful, and basically had everything to support the atmosphere.

animal spinning circle Insta

And there, actually, was a circle favoured more.It is a raccoon the audience got obsessed with.Along with that, the Pedro track went viral on TikTok in February 2024. This is a modern remix of an old song by Italian singer Raffaella Carra. As soon as these two had finally met, a true magic occurred.

Most often the dancing raccoon meme is used in before/after edits. For example, the philosophical idea that money does not bring happiness is questioned by a happy raccoon that has gone on a shopping spree.

the dancing raccoon meme

Soon, pet owners began trying to replicate the raccoon's success. This is how dancing kittens, puppies, monkeys appeared, and even the presence of paws did not become a prerequisite. Just look at this cute parrot.

Pedro animal memes

Dance With Wolves for Thunder-Growling Shout-Outs

You should more or less have taken it where to find cute memes for Instagram. Let's dilute all this vanilla with a bit of a cringe vibe. Give a warm welcome to a fugly wolf flexing to the song “Komm tanzen? Their vil nicht”.

The first version was taken from a German textbook. With this phrase (I don’t want) a woman responded to all the man’s attempts to invite her to dance, drink, take a walk, and you name it. In the series of memes, people encounter problems or find themselves in difficult life situations, such as getting ready on time for a party. The thing is, instead of getting over, they repeat the dance moves after the wise wolf.

dance with wolves meme

Actually, as in the case of the raccoon, the meme gave scope not only for creating jokes, but also set a new choreography trend. This is how professional dancers or just amateurs blow up social networks by repeating the wolf dance in their Reels and clips. We couldn't help saving the tutorial from @cassiilva.

Minor spoiler alert, the wolf isn't the only digital partner of hers.

a dancing wolf IG

Let’s Crown It All

The meme goes far beyond just an eye-catching pic or video. It is a universal social media engagement tool that turns content into something more relatable, increases brand awareness and overall the account success. The viral nature of memes as they most are often spread by the IG community, not actually the ones who invented memes initially, enables good promotional options.

Yet, before making the most of them, analyze your niche and target audience, as they may cause you problems by being offensive or too mainstream. So, go through the funny animals listed in the article to make sure that you are going to create amazing content.

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