Top Icebreaker Activities to Build Up a Loyal Community on Instagram


Offering high quality products or services doesn't always equal business success. Today, the “ok, Google” approach has become a pluralistic behavior for customers. Therefore, what people say about you online, and whether they say something at all, influences dramatically whether they will buy from you or go with your competitor.

For sure, such loyalty can be gained outside the digital world with eye-catching store designs, for example. As Dior did this way with its boutiques on the eve of the New Year's butterfly drop. Forbes sings odes of praise, and the New York residents, as well as Paris, Beijing, etc., plan their route to take a couple of photos against the backdrop of fancy dazzling shop windows.

eye-catching store design

Yet, not that many brands are into grand gestures. And perhaps it doesn’t always have to be a priority. Yes, it’s nice when the press is buzzing and the locations turn into spontaneous photo zones. However, the main focus of any business is, first and foremost, its customers. Therefore, an efficient sales consultant who knows how to deal with hard-to-please individuals obviously brings more real value.

The similar holds true for social media. You can post super aesthetically and enjoy a huge following, but if there is no interaction between the content and the user, your social networking is of poor performance.

It is high time we delved into it!

All–Inclusive IG Fam is an Asset

You should admit it, it would hardly occur to say that buying a piece of clothing and simply trying it on is the same thing. After all, the first directly affects your income, while the second, at best, forms a general idea about your range of products. Let's only recall Apple buffs pitching tents in front of the legendary door on Fifth Avenue just to get the privilege of snatching a new iPhone. Actually, these are ones who ensure takings.

Social networks, in particular Instagram, work on the same principle. However, the currency here is user interaction with the content. Algorithms bring to the top the posts that are most often liked, shared, saved, or commented on. Thus, the very fact that someone is viewing your account or hanging in your followers is a kind of analogue of a stack of clothes in a fitting room. It does not mean that you will eventually be chosen.

user interaction value

However, there is a dramatic U-turn if those who follow you perform any activities on the page. In this case, they become actively involved in your digital space and thus streamline your success. Basically, it is the very engine which keeps you running.

And, like any mechanism, it is unlikely to be able to run on fumes for a long time. That's why adding a little goal-setting icebreaker activity to your feed can gas up your social media presence.

Discover the Magic of Keeping Your Followers Up

Please, don’t be that naïve to expect that quality content is sufficient by default. It is a highly competitive environment, so users are literally bombarded with stuff like that. Obviously, you will get certain reactions while popping up in the feed. But that's not what you need. Your prime focus should always be an enhanced interaction.

The ability to independently initiate user’s feedback is what is truly important for a prosperous existence on Instagram. Therefore, having different techniques of what is an icebreaker activity in your arsenal ensures positive results. That's why you require a clear and thoughtful promotion strategy to position yourself prominently in the content stream and attract and retain the attention of your target audience.

How would you get it covered?

Here is a list of tested-and-tried icebreaker ideas that you can implement for your business right now.

Make use of CTAs wherever possible (We Mean it!)

There are basically two ways CTAs work. You either want to sell something or engage in interaction.

The first option involves targeting potential customers among your audience. Therefore, it is imperative to demonstrate the product or service to create a strong desire in the user to make a purchase. While it is clearly not a one-fit-for-all strategy, creating a sense of urgency performs rather effectively to convince people to act quickly.

CTA for Ig

Speaking of the second one, your efforts are better aimed at promoting and growing subscriptions on the platform. This is why you need to provoke user reactions to get the things covered. Thus, ending up a caption with good icebreaker questions is sure to generate a bigger share of likes and comments.

how to gain user reaction

Since you never know whether your followers are with you as clients or are just into the information you share, calls to action will naturally alternate depending on the content posted.

Add a Pinch of Humor to Everyday Aesthetics

Most people get tired of useful or informational content. Thus, humor on Instagram is a great go-to for grabbing the followers’ attention back, let alone the emotional component which bridges the brand and the audience. This way memes, being a unique marketing technique, make a stronger impression on potential viewers who are in the bottom of the funnel.

The main thing here is to skillfully connect a popular image and your niche, as, for example, McDonald’s does.

memes technique

Such publications are well remembered, shared, and discussed. In case you manage to go viral, like Aggressive Ronald did, the coverage can quickly improve brand recognition, slogan recall or advertising message.

aggressive Ronald case

Be Real and Break the Fourth Wall

Give people permission to interact with you. Remember how you yourself behave on a social network. Sometimes you would be happy to react to a post, but there is simply no reason to do so. So, icebreaker questions help you survive the new ranking algorithms. That’s why it’s so important to endorse a dialog with subscribers. Try to bring up involving but easy-to-discuss topics: childhood memories, favourite products, holiday plans, you name it.

 icebreaker questions

By Crowdtap and Ipsos MediaCT, users aged 18-36 trust UGC 50% more than other sources. Such content is also 35% better remembered. Employ unique icebreaker questions which urge subscribers to express opinions, publish reviews or provide any other feedback.

unique icebreaker questions for users

Don’t act too serious. Fun icebreaker questions are catching the eye no less. Even weird icebreaker questions will do.

weird icebreaker questions

Never play down on gamification. It even activates the “dead souls”. You can come up with icebreaker games as tests, comic predictions, puzzles and more.You see, the options for virtual icebreaker games are endless. The main challenge here is to target everything right. Let’s say, it may be icebreaker games for small groups limited by age or gender, etc. Such an approach will definitely reduce the reach, yet you’ll manage to hook the segment of the major interest.

icebreaker games

Host an Enticing Giveaway

Instagram contests are an effective marketing tool for generating new audiences. Such posts usually receive high coverage, so the social network algorithm begins to actively propel the publication.

The operating principle of such virtual icebreaker activity is based on a two-way interaction. Users get a chance to win valuable prizes in exchange for completing the required actions on the account. This is why it is important to offer the very gifts that will hand down get your subscribers involved.

The giveaways may vary from the classic “like and comment” to more complex game mechanics. Most often participants are asked to fulfill certain conditions: record a video, create a Story, subscribe to sponsors’ accounts, etc.

Insta contests

Since giveaways are aimed at a non-target audience, most users will only interact with posts during the competition, at best. Therefore, you need to think in advance about how to retain this audience. Otherwise, after the giveaway ends, new subscribers will fade away in a wink.

Share a Co-Author Content

The Instagram audience is quite omnigenous. Therefore, finding an influencer or a good friend in your industry is rather straightforward. Come up with an activity that will help you reciprocate followers and diversify your content. This will be beneficial for both you and the account you want to collaborate with.

how to get organic growth

Drop joint stories or posts or repost the useful material to get an organic increase in subscribers and engagement.

Stand Out From the Crowd With Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags may be a good asset for icebreaker team building activity. This is where a great deal of Instagram viral content stems from. By creating your own hashtag, you can not only navigate search for all your posts, but also boost users’ team spirit. It doesn't have to copy your company name. This could be a word or a phrase that evokes relevant associations and have not previously been found in other people’s posts. If a successful combination is found, it will connect your business with the ig community. Like it was with #MickeyMouseEars which made people feel nostalgic and whimsical while spreading Disney content.

 icebreaker team building

In fact, posts with at least one Instagram hashtag receive an average of 12,6 % more engagement than posts without any. The right Instagram hashtags easily amplify your message and help you reach out to a larger audience.

So, you can spend hours selecting those very phrases or simply delegate the whole routine to the Hashtag Generator.

Don’t Let the Moment Manage Your Posting

The more you post, the higher chances your followers will become addicted to your profile. It means they will get used to checking your content on a regular basis. So, maintaining a consistent schedule to keep your news feed fresh and your followers in anticipation is a smart strategy.

Timing also makes a difference there. Having your publication live on antisocial hours significantly cuts down on coverage and thus negatively influences the engagement. So, sticking to a fixed interval saves you extended reach with a further boost in likes and comments.

See more practical information on what time to post on Instagram to drive the audience.

Let’s Recap

Icebreaker activities are critical for Instagram promotion as they help businesses connect with the target audiences and break the initial barriers. Be it team icebreaker questions or icebreaker activity for work, they create a friendly and welcoming environment, allowing users to engage in conversations and form new relationships.

Icebreakers often involve creative elements such as photo challenges, quizzes, or storytelling. By taking part in various activities, users are more likely to comment, like, and share, thereby increasing engagement on the platform. This also encourages followers to think outside the box, express themselves, and showcase their creativity, which usually leads to unique and engaging content. The user-generated material can be highly valuable for brands as it provides authentic and diverse perspectives, while also increasing brand visibility.

Overall, icebreaker activities on Instagram contribute to a more interactive and vibrant community on the platform.

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