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To misquote the classics, Instagram starts with the handle. Just like a cloakroom token helps you find your outerwear at the end of a performance, a social media handle allows other users to identify you on the platform.

This is an analog of a domain address that leads directly to the site. When someone wants to view your account, send a follow request, or reach you out in DMs, they can simply do so through your handle to quickly find your page in the Explore section.

Why Unique, Memorable Handles are Important for Social Media Accounts

You might find it rather counterintuitive that some Instagram users choose not to pick their name as a handle. Instead, they exert themselves to come up with something creative that reflects their personality, industry, or even their business.

Let's continue our cloakroom token analogy. Just fancy you were given a 111 number, and your friend, for example, ended up with 736. And so, after the final applause has just died down, you discover them to be safely lost.

Naturally, you will seek some solution. While your friend will provide a detailed description of his outerwear, since the impressions of Swan Lake have replaced the sequence of three numbers, you will most likely remember your number perfectly and voice it to a hat-check girl.

The situation is exactly the same with effective handles. The easier it is for users to think back about it or associate it with, the higher your chances of standing out from the competitors. At the same time, the Instagram algorithms raise the handle that most closely matches the user request to the top of search results. This means you are still in the race even for those who have no intentions to find your profile.

How Random Username Generators Can Help Create Innovative Handles

Don't get your hopes up, though. With over two billion registered accounts on the platform, most of the best-performing options have already been taken. Just look at what you have to go through to get the keyword “guitar” for your handle.

username random generator

Of course, a good old underscore and a couple more left-handed characters can deal with it. However, you may not be the first with a bright idea like that, so get ready to give your brain a good workout. In addition, the option you find may not go on as well as you expect, as extra signs most often lower you below. The big question is whether people will do enough scrolling.

Thus, it is not sufficient to carry on with the first free handle. You need to choose the best one currently available. This is where special services come in handy. They provide many relevant options and do it even faster than the time you have spent on creating a single one.

To cite an instance, the Username Generator by Toolzu handles the task easily.

Features of the Toolzu Username Generator

username online generator

Being an online service, the Username Generator allows the creation of the following handles:

Niche-tailored — the tool draws up the keywords that you place in the Search bar. You are not limited in your attempts, so different combinations may be tried.

Customizable — parameters such as length and admissible characters are set up directly by the user. It is allowed to create handles with any number of signs, but no more than 30. You can also regulate the type by simply ticking the boxes next to the approved options.

Unique — the generated material is absolutely authentic. This means that there exists no other identical handle on the platform. Whatever you choose, rest assured that it will pass the verification check.

Free of charge — and the icing on the cake, you create niche-tailored, customizable, and unique handles without spending a penny on it. The developers give access to all features on a pro bono basis.

Benefits of Using the Username Generator

Username generators may be of help to:

Unlocks untapped potential

Most often, users ground their handles on obvious mixes. Such behavior significantly scales down the amount of available combinations. The Username Generator enables you to look at everything from a different perspective. At second glance, you get several options that you didn’t even consider before, which naturally expand your springboard for maneuvering.

Saves time

Creating a memorable and catchy handle is time-consuming. With the Username Generator, the burden of finding a relevant name is reduced. At least, you spare yourself from the hassle of doing extensive research on filtering out the occupied options. In just a few clicks, you can save valuable time and effort with a list of free alternatives at your fingertips.

Ensures security

Your privacy and online security should never be compromised. It is the highest priority of any activity on the site. The Username Generator requires no registration or personal data, which eliminates the threat of identity thefts or hacking attempts. This is a huge advantage that sets it apart from other services.

Boosts inspiration

The Username Generator can spark your creativity and inspire fresh ideas. You may decide not to choose from the suggested list. However, a mere word combination or symbol sequence can serve as a starting point for your brainstorming process. As long as you have something to build your reasoning around, the out-of-box handle is a sure thing.

Some tips for creating handles

Before you start updating the handle, pay attention to the following points to avoid misstepping.

tips for handles

More doesn’t mean better

The capabilities of the human brain are amazing. Take a fourteen-year-old boy who wrote down from memory a complex choral piece that was kept in strict confidence. Well, you can't possibly hope to discover Mozart-like abilities in your users. For an ordinary person, remembering too long and complicated names is already a challenge. Therefore, try to compress your handles as much as possible, or go the extra mile to create ones that are easy to turn into associations.

Keyword research

Before getting down to making up something of your own, it is recommended to dedicate yourself to some preparatory work. Monitor the keywords applied by your competitors and audience on Instagram. Give maximum attention to the profiles with the most followers, and carry on mixing the keywords with your name or your brand. Through trial and error, you will get some effective samples. With this advantage at hand, a catchy handle is right in your pocket.

Don’t take everything to heart

You may have already made a name for yourself on social media and only then figured out that your handle is worth improving. Yet, changing horses in the middle of a stream is fraught with consequences. Most likely, your users have become attached to it over all this time, so by replacing the handle you may, on the contrary, lose subscribers. In that case, focus on other things. The performance of your profile is closely linked to the quality of the content. So channel your energy there.

To Crown It All

Creating your unique Instagram handle can determine your success on social networking. Being a small but important step to building a large following, it will require your time and effort. Opt for a manual search or turn to relevant services to base your decisions on solid ground. Don’t rush with it, and try combining keywords that define your service or type of content. Add a pinch of creativity. And enjoy the result!

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