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Things that seemed like fiction a couple of years ago are now a part of our reality. Who would have dreamed of creating a high-resolution visual without actually designing it? Or how about getting your wildest ideas embedded into an image just in a few clicks?

We have already talked about AI art prompts here.

Yet, besides the AI picture generator which now is glorified with a “make it more” trend on ChatGPT — we all remember these cosmic absurd masterpieces — neural networks have a lot to offer.

how to create pictures

You may have guessed an AI video generator, yet the scope is much broader.

In this article, we will look at how else AI technologies can help content creators.

But first, let's understand how they work.

Learn the Difference Between Static Social Media Tools and AI Services

how AI works

Biologically, we have more than 86 billion neurons connected through synapses. This entire system continuously exchanges electrical impulses to ensure human functioning. Artificial Intelligence is based on a neural network, which imitates the work of the human brain.

A neural network also consists of numerous neurons, but this time they are artificial. Unlike the services we are used to, which draw information from already loaded databases, neural networks are capable of emulating mental activity to process the data and generate new solutions. That is, in other words, they are capable of self-learning.

Make a Name for Yourself, but Don’t Overthink

AI pic generated

That is a bit of a surprise, but unlike the AI photo generator, there are no special services to generate names. AI-powered chatbots can easily handle this task, as they are trained on large amounts of text and learn to predict which word or character will follow the previous one based on the context. So, we will share some good universal ones further.


Copilot is an AI assistant from Microsoft known as Bing Chat. The software is powered by ChatGPT, a language processing technology from OpenAI that can generate text on a variety of topics and styles. With Bing Copilot at your fingertips, you can solve anything related to the processing of text queries, such as translation, composing emails, document reviews, question-and-answer convo, and others.

Copilot is available in the Bing search engine, as well as integration with other Microsoft products such as GitHub Copilot, Designer, Teams Premium, and others.

Chat GPT

ChatGPT from OpenAI is one of the largest and most advanced language models that is trained on more than 45 terabytes of data from the Internet. It can generate various types of continuous texts, including social media posts, correspondence, reports, and more. On top of that, it learns and adapts to different discourses. Due to its efficiency and flexibility, ChatGPT is a versatile AI text generator.

The neural network operates as a web version, mobile and desktop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Gemini is a GPT challenger from Google that provides AI text prompts. The tool can converse with the user, generate texts, images, and tables, do coding, solve mathematical problems, and search for information on the Internet. It works in 40 languages, including rare ones like Arabic and Hindi, and uses the advanced PaLM 21 language model. Gemini also recognizes context, so you can ask clarifying questions to get a more accurate result.

It is free and available on the official Google website. Gemini can be useful for work or creativity, and also as a go-to in creating a relevant brand name.

Language is a Bridge, not a Barrier

AI converse

Language translation is one of the promising AI areas. Neural networks are capable of recognizing lexical and grammatical constructions with high accuracy, selecting words and phrases from another language that are relevant both in meaning and the style of narration.

Let’s take a look at some smash products.

Deepl Translate

Deepl Translate is a German service that makes highly accurate translations, taking into account language characteristics and context. The platform supports more than 30 languages. In addition to the web version, the neural network is designed as an app and a browser plugin.Since it is connected to many dictionaries, reference books, and data analysis tools compared to similar services, it ensures the closest in-meaning translations and provides several additional features. Using a neural network, you can check punctuation and spelling, paraphrase sentences, look up definitions, and select synonyms.The service is available for free. There are many restrictions though: the total daily volume is up to 5,000 characters with 3 attempts and the file size is up to 5 MB size. To expand the limits and gain access to the editing feature, you need to register and upgrade to a paid plan (from $8.74 per month).

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator recognizes more than 100 languages. On top of that, the platform supports voice input and voiceover of a translated text. The software is represented as an online service, browser plugins, and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

There is a specific feature that enables real-time communication with interlocutors speaking different languages. Each participant’s screen is divided by a horizontal line into two fields — for the text entered by voice and its translation, which is immediately voiced in another language. You can customize the purpose of use for an all-immersive experience (personal communication, business, or education).

The free version has restrictions on the volume (1,000 characters) and the total daily translation (5,000 characters), it enables no access to dictionaries, and there is no function for translating articles.

The limits and functionality of the translator can be expanded by upgrading to a paid plan, for which you need to enter into a personal agreement with Microsoft. The cost of paid access is not fixed and depends on the type of agreement, the date of its conclusion, and the local exchange rate.


HeyGen is a service that recognizes speech in video and translates it from one language to another, preserving the speaker's voice, tone, and timbre. To make things even more realistic, facial expressions and lip movements are adjusted to the pronounced sounds.

Basically, it all starts with voicing your texts with digital avatars. So, it is not that long we were given a chance to translate audio from real videos. With such a breakthrough, the library now contains more than 100 Al avatars and over 300 voice options.

The new service undergoes a trial period. At the moment, you can translate only 1 short video up to 1 minute long for free. The cost of paid services is $48/month, with the ability to translate up to 20-minute media.

Make Your Type of Music and Sing Your Special Song

AI for music creation

There is no such AI music generator to beat Mozart or Bach. However, being a diligent student, some services are able to analyze the material and compose their own unique tracks. Thus, the AI-generated pieces can be useful when creating videos or for improving your own audio. We bring to your attention the most advanced solutions.


This neural network has a paid and free version. Working with Soundraw is simple: set the genre, duration, and tempo, enter a few keywords — and enjoy the result. The neural network will offer several track options, you can choose and modify the one you like best.The big plus is that you can edit fragments of ready-made melodies. Soundraw also automatically licenses downloaded tracks (copyrights are only available in the paid version).The paid version starts at $16.99 per month, depending on the package. The free version differs in that it does not provide a license and does not allow you to download the created track. (To download, you will have to use other programs).The number of generations in the free version is not limited, and this is a big plus.


This neural network is very variable. For a simple request, she will write, for example, a birthday song or a workout track. And if you work with all the online tools, you can get a more complex piece.

To work with advanced functionality, you need to write your request in text, and then select the proposed parameters — tempo, effects, genre, duration, and others.The number of generations is not limited, but you will have to watch an advertisement.

Another disadvantage is that you need to understand the settings. The interface can hardly be called intuitive, and if you just press at random, you will get a strange set of sounds instead of music.

Melobytes differs from other neural networks by having different effects, for example, reverb or distortion. You can also create a video clip for your music.


Boomy is another platform that allows you to create music using artificial intelligence. Thanks to this service, users can generate tracks that can then be freely shared on more than 40 platforms, such as Spotify, TikTok, or YouTube. By the way, 9.55% of all recorded music in the world was created using Boomy.

The Boomy interface is also quite simple and intuitive: on the main page, select the “Create” section, then determine the genre and subgenre of the track and click on the “Create song” button. After your track is generated, you can add vocals to it or change the arrangement. Afterward, the music can be saved to your library and downloaded to your computer from there.

Suppress the Noise and Get Yourself Heard

AI for audio creation

Working with sound is one of the main directions in the development of technologies based on neural networks. Artificial intelligence independently evaluates the quality and type of audio data, automatically finds hidden patterns, and highlights significant characteristics. Due to the ability to self-learn, the capabilities of neural networks are expanded and improved.

AI technologies speed up the execution of any operations, freeing people from routine. They provide accurate sound recognition, can remove noise without distorting the main audio tracks, generate music and voices, voice-over speech, and much more.

Let's look at some of the best services.


Auphonic is a service with mandatory registration in the system, designed to improve sound quality. Provides effective noise reduction and normalization of volume levels, equalizes the sound balance between different sources, and can be used, in particular, to improve speech clarity against the background of music. Suitable for processing any audio recordings and videos, including podcasts, audiobooks, music albums, and films.

The service is capable of simultaneously processing several files, setting the required characteristics for each audio track. Allows you to add metadata to the output, indicating the author, genre, year of release, and other information. If you frequently use similar parameters, the user can save them as templates for later use.

Audio processing is available for free for up to 2 hours per month. To continuously use the service, a paid subscription is required; its cost starts at $11 per month.

Noise Eraser

Noise Eraser is an audio processing service that allows you to reduce noise and adjust volume. Depending on the selected settings, you can completely eliminate background sound (music, rain, wind,traffic, etc.) or change its intensity with the main sound.

The service is suitable for bloggers, online course creators, news portal workers, and other areas where high-quality sound is required. In addition to the web version, there are mobile applications for iPhones and Android smartphones.

A 7-day trial version without functionality restrictions is provided for a new user. For further use, you must purchase a paid subscription — there are monthly and annual rates.

Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice is a service that provides high-quality removal of noise and extraneous sounds from audio recordings and podcasts. Allows you to remove unwanted sounds — stuttering, mooing, clicking, smacking, pauses, filler words, and other artifacts. Works with many languages can recognize different dialects and accents.

It is possible to export a timeline with notes, which you can load into the editor and edit manually if you want to leave some extraneous sounds.

For a newly registered user, the service provides 30 minutes of free use. To increase the time you work with services, you need to sign up for an hourly subscription (from 1.3 euros per hour if you pay for 30 hours at once) or a monthly subscription (from 10 euros per month).

What is the Future of Old Good Third-Party Services?

Getting the basics about what AI prompts are capable of, and getting back to third-party services, seems a futile attempt. Basically, there is no reason to edit the piece, if you have an AI image generator to get what is needed by only writing a proper request. In fact, with a wide variety of free AI prompts from AI story generator to AI voice generator, going the extra mile with doing things from scratch seems unviable.

However, you don’t always need AI to boost your social media performance. Automated repetitive tasks can also add up to the process.

Take the IG Story Downloader. With so many advanced settings introduced, the platform still acts touchy on copyright infringements. So, even if you deal with your content or get the desire to keep a public one, there is no such option. Where the AI image prompts are paralyzed, the third-party tool running by the same algorithm gets ahead of the race.

With such a vivid example, it is clear that AI technologies aren’t meant to replace standard tools but perform different tasks not yet covered by static third-party services.

The Final Words

Enhancing your Instagram account with GPT prompts can help you increase engagement, boost creativity, maintain consistency, personalize your content, and improve your overall presence on the platform. Along with the now-viral AI art generator, there are a lot of content creation aspects one can cover with neural networks. Yet, good old automation tools shouldn’t be blackballed, since they are still relevant for handling routine operations on the platform. So the best thing one can do for leveraging the IG account is to combine both for delegating the workload to save time for strategic social media changes.

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