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how to create top content

How to get through the dark moments your Instagram account faces?

Stories may be a silver bullet there!

And by saying silver, we mean sticking to the perfect Story strategy. In other words, you have to master the skill of melting all the different features into a solid material. So if Instagram alchemy is not right up your alley, go on reading to get the hang of it.

You might still think it isn’t worth the effort, so it is high time we dive into statistics.

Dry Facts for Practical Ones

We will start from afar and recall that Instagram has more than 2 billion MAU, which makes it the fourth most popular one among all social media platforms worldwide. worldwide. With 82,2% of users saying they use the platform for collecting information about brands and products, Instagram naturally turned into a tidbit of any business’ advertising strategy. More than 80% percent of marketers consider it mandatory for brands to mainline an online presence here.

85% completion rate tips the scales in favour of this format. Since watching Stories appear the most popular, no wonder it has the most common business content either.

how to get creative

So, check for yourself what perks you may get from posting Stories.

The Benefits of Stories Section One Can’t Pass Over

Besides the impressive statistics, IG Stories are a key element of your overall marketing strategy. So, being aware of how to nail it with a professional approach to Story creation is the recipe for success. And we are sure to cover this later. Right now, you should want to go over the benefits one may get if handling the process straight.

1. Unpack the Organic Visibility of Your Profile

Even if it would be one and the only advantage gained, missing out on it is the most-ever-brainless thing to do. The ability to generate a continuous user flow toward the account is a leading-edge skill. So, the format that maintains it is a true treasure trove.

It is common knowledge that Instagram does not rank new content higher than what was previously uploaded. There are big numbers in metrics that propel position in SERP. In other words, everything you promote on the platform is sensitive to engagement data and other complicated measures you may even have no access to. Except for Stories, though. Stories feed simply pushes fresh materials to the beginning of the line, so it matters less how many big numbers your content currently boasts. Yes, algorithms tend to order newly uploaded pieces hierarchically, yet your chances of getting in front of your followers skyrocket.

2. Introduce Some Reality Vibes to Your Marketing Strategy

Staged posts and edited Reels spread the feeling of something artificial. It is like you are watching a dream life that is never in your hands. Stories are not in your hands either, as it is ephemeral. Yet, surprisingly, it is perceived as something far more real. And users actually like it! It is the best format to show the moment and reveal the creator's personality through the phone screen. This is how you build closer connections with your audience and grow it into a powerful community.

3. Give Your Content Ideas a Trial Period

Staying only for 24 hours, Stories are a perfect fit for testing new trends and formats. Since social media trends are rather fickle, you’d better test it on your followers in a Stories section. In case it works well, it is safe to go in with it for something more prominent like a personal feed. And the failure spares you the trouble of user dissatisfaction. A win-win situation anyway!

4. Make the Most of Discoverability

Engagement is the key metric any account holder should work on. Being the one who coins top-notch content doesn’t always pay off with high user activity. The secret is that you actually don’t need to strike. It is almost impossible to be liked or commented on by every user who comes across your profile. What may be really of use is to extend the coverage which later leads to massive interactions. It is simple math. The more people get to see what you post the higher chances to spot those who relate. With Instagram Stories people tags and location tags you’ll do just that.

Link stickers are interactive elements that may be placed in Stories for both internal and external redirections in-app. Good news you don’t have to be a Business Profile or boast more than 10 K followers to access the feature as it was before. The link rests in tune with other similar Story sticker aesthetics like tags and location with white background and a blue link icon of the domain. All the default options are still the same. You may resize, reposition, and angle the link to have it blend in with your content or stand out and draw attention.

There is a clickable pop-up which navigates a user to the URL-address you have chosen. You may enhance the effect and highlight the link by a proper GIF or sticker just to make it clear the user should tap it to open. As soon as the required action is performed the corresponding page loads automatically in the Instagram browser.

external content

In other words, accounts with any number of followers are now allowed to add direct clickable links to stories that redirect to the desired webpage.

Reveal the Power of a New Secret Sticker

The mechanism behind the Secret sticker is hiding part of the text which gets accessible only after the viewer hits you in DMs.

story stickers

In fact, the feature comes up as an analog to Telegram spoiler. The only difference here is that it is activated in a more complex way. Yet, emoji or some gobbledegook should be enough to unpack the covered part. Rather a dubious decision, we must admit as the direct messages of popular bloggers will be flooded with a bunch of spam. So maybe the activation method will change in the future.

Get Fun With AI Stickers for Stories and DMs

Being a part of a Meta, Instagram is much into the latest tech advancements. So, the custom AI stickers feature is just another step towards an all-immersive metaverse. experience. We have already played with it while getting text animated stickers.

This time, the new custom AI stickers feature on Instagram lets you cut out any object from an image on one tap. To simplify the process the app automatically highlights the most obvious subjects one might want to distill from the image.

ai stickers

Still and all, you are able to cut out any part manually. As long as the media unit is formed, just go on with the “Use Sticker” option to add the newly created sticker to your Reel or Story.

Not Yet Finished Discovering More Sticker Options

Ig users are now enabled to transfer to the app right from the Story section, which much simplifies the download process. With a new App sticker, brands and influencers get to both to advertise from their official pages and generate leads within the platform. This way you cut down significantly on the time spent for each next step down the funnel.

Good news for music addicts: Instagram is also testing an “Add Music” sticker. As with “Add Yours”, there is an input box for your subscribers to respond by typing in the song name which they consider a fit the topic outlined.

Done with Stickers, brand-new Filters Next

Being the most visual-focused social media, Instagram was not that generous for default photo/video editing tools in-app. And now there is the moment! Give a warm welcome to the most epic Story update over the last five years or more. Twenty five fresh filter additions on iOS are sure to spark your creativity in Stories.

As Meta puts it, “From subtle color edits to options for expressive styles, these updates make it easy for you to try various looks for your posts”, you now have all the chances to bring your content on another level. Among the standard options that enhance the colour palette or blurs the image, there are modes like “wide angle” and “wavy”, which make notable changes to the authentic visual content.

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In addition to the updated filters, the developers have worked on the UX parameters. The interface is redesigned to ease up searching files from the camera roll. So, you can add the ones from different albums, say Favourites or Selfies, and search by a keyword.

You probably hope for bigger text diversity. Yet, there is nothing positive about it. In case you want to get something less corny, Instagram fonts generator is the only go-to here. Even better we know the service which is a different fonts generator. You don’t have to hunt for graffiti or cool fonts in separate softs. The Instagram fonts online generator by Inflact will satisfy the most exceptional demands from common cursive to artsy gothic.

Share Other People’s Comments in One Click

Sharing post replies feature in Stories is literally another millstone. The comments section ends up a part of the Story content and turns into the creator's attention spot. This way you not only liven up engagement, but also express shout outs to the active followers. It is not a sheer new strategy, yet you don’t have to cut comments out with the help of third-party tools.

how to share a comment

Let’s Wrap it Up

It is recommended to stay tuned for any new features and updates to Instagram for Stories. While it may be difficult at first to figure out how to incorporate something new into your content, be brave and try different features to see what works best for your audience. If you still think the app's potential isn't enough, third-party services like the text font generator can help you handle any creative urge.

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