It Shouldn’t Take Two to Celebrate Valentine’s Day: 5 Fun Things to Do If You are Single


a V-Day status

The Grinch must have picked the wrong winter festive period to bear the grudge against. Fighting with Valentine's Day the same zealously as it was with Christmas, he would have found a lot of like-minders due to a funny single Valentine's Day status. After all, a substantial proportion of people have scorn for this holiday.

And they have every reason to feel unhappy, though!

Psychologists say that on the eve of Valentine's Day, the level of anxiety among single people increases. Even if on a normal day you feel good about not being in a relationship, the atmosphere of total love obsession creates insecurity. Since social pressure is pumping during a full-fledged celebration, those who share no solidarity may feel depressed and frustrated.

See how to survive single this Valentine's Day without compromising your mental health and get the most positive emotions out of this day!

Get Yourself in the Right Mood

Before we get started on unbridled fun, let's recall a couple of common truths to take life more optimistically. Or at least easier!

  • Draw the fine line between Alone/Single concepts

There is a difference between those who consciously do not want to enter into a relationship and those who do not succeed. The way they perceive their “loneliness” is two opposite things. Some people believe that they are free, another that they are unhappy. If being alone is a deliberate decision, take care of your boundaries and prevent any attempts by “sympathizers” and “caring” people to arrange your personal life.

  • Discover the benefits of being self-partnered

It happens that a person is ready for love but for some reason, they haven’t found it. Why not devote “free” time and energy to yourself? Being with someone is generally a time-consuming endeavour. Until you owe someone your attention, take care of yourself instead. It is not only about shopping sprees or hours at beauty salons. There are much broader horizons. You will hardly regret pursuing a new hobby or taking a master's class. Improve your qualifications and general erudition, travel and explore the world.

  • Allow yourself to live through negative emotions

Negative emotions are a natural attribute of adult life. But the main danger is that we tend to make assessments that worsen an already difficult situation. Such behaviour only adds fuel to the fire. Being sad or worried is not shameful, unacceptable, or stupid. By simply accepting emotions as they are, we conserve energy for action. Once you've calmed down and thought about what you can do, this kind of self-reflection can be the first step towards achieving your dream of a healthy relationship.

So, staying away from Instagram out of fear that somebody’s Stories with hearts and kisses might upset you, is not the smartest solution. Acting like that, you are simply bottling up your feelings. Instead of putting the phone aside, make it your trusted partner in creating the best Valentine's Day ever for the best and the most loved person in the world.

Make it for YOURSELF!

The article suggests 5 win-win ideas for what to do on Valentine's Day and how to spend it as good, and maybe even better, than all those sweet couples. After all, you don’t have to go for any give-and-take about where to go and what to do.

Make your own choice of funny things to do on Valentine's Day a single person can go for.

1. Unleash Girl’s Power: Throw a Galantine’s Day Party

You might have taken it as a misprint. Yet, it is the correct one. And it is a decent answer for singles to Valentine’s celebrations. God bless the bright minds of “Parks and Recreation” who have created a non-existent holiday and the power of Instagram which made the trend go viral.

Now conventionally, on February 13th, social networks will be filled with cozy and cheerful party videos. Girls spend quality time together breaking the stereotypes about non-existing female friendships. This is an occasion to tell the world what you, girls, think about this. Spread the festive vibe through Ig posts, TikTok clips, Twits, you name it.

Such videos with best ideas on how to have a casual time with friends typically gain thousands of views and comments.

Galentine’s Day party

In fact, it is up to you how to spend this single day. Leslie, the sitcom heroine with whose light hand we have another reason for girls' get-togethers, would suggest gift-unwrapping-brunch things. Do any of your friends like to grow flowers? A knitted cactus would work. Is the other into cooking? A pizza master class could be the solution. The main thing is to show that you value the interests of your loved ones.

a single day party

For some, one day may not be enough. Well, you can always extend the pleasure. At the very least this might be your sign to plan a staycation with your bestie!

Galentine’s Day post

If you're still unsure about how to best celebrate Galentine's Day, don't worry. All you need is to send an invitation to your group chat to spend the 13th day of February together. The rest can be planned on the fly.

2. Take Your Time to Strengthen Family Bonds

Since Valentine's Day is a day love, why not show your affection for the nearest and dearest? It is a propitious moment to remind your mom that she is the best woman in the world or tell your dad what an amazing man he is. Take the time to share the day with those who love you unconditionally.

Family union is always a great battery recharger. And maybe you’ll get powered enough to post a couple of funny single jokes for Valentine's Day! And don’t forget your siblings who know you like crazy are the very match no joint hearts from Tinder can beat.

funny single V-Day memes

Yet, not all singles are happy about funny single Valentine's Day memes or quotes in their IG feed. Shouting out to Valentine is a good idea. Some of you don't even realize that you've already secured lifelong Valentines on your own. After all, how can you not love someone you’ve been waiting to see for nine whole months?

funny single V-Day quotes

Just look around, there are so many people you can say I love you to.

3. Add New Ticks to Your Wish List

If, after turning your head well, you still haven't found the right person, confess your love for yourself. Better yet, prove things in practice. It's time to make a couple of your dreams come true. After all, Christmas and Birthdays don't have a monopoly on gifts. Valentine's Day is also a great time for that.

It would be quite symbolic to dedicate this day to taking care of yourself. Indulge in love’s bliss this Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself to a day of pampering and relaxation. There are a bunch of opportunities from rejuvenating massages to calming aromatherapy. Just check out the Valentine's Day Packages at your favourite spas and go on a journey that speaks the language of pleasure.

In case you have not yet decided on the spot and services, try using the Explore section on Instagram. Check out interesting ideas through the Hashtags tab and then go to the Places one to choose a geographically suitable option.

Single V-Day activities

On top of that, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to grab unique items as brands tend to drop limited Valentine's collections. While couples struggle to book a table at a fancy restaurant, singles celebrate by raiding shopping malls.

People can talk as much as they like about the value of memories, but feeling the dope deep red Stone Street 6-inch waterproof Timbs in your hands is some kind of transcendental level of pleasure.

V-day posts

But if long outings aren’t for you…

4. Let Yourself Find Comfort at Home

Sometimes life gets so busy that you can’t wait to be alone with yourself. Parties? Shopping sprees? The only desire is to skip to the staying home part. How about lying in with your phone turned off and having a movie marathon? David Lynch's Twin Peaks or Bridged Jones's Diaries are perfect for this case. Oh, yes! And stock up on some goodies.

staying at home on a V-day

It is not the only option, though. You can take a bubble bath singing your favourite songs out loud. Or dance with a cat. Not a happy time for a fur ball, yet it is not the point here. Light candles and put on a sexy dress for the best selfies ever. Pajamas will do as well. Let this evening flow through you and give in to the emotions.

Speaking of emotions …

5. Find Somebody to Love in Queen’s Traditions

Following Freddy’s vibes, you may ask if anybody can find you somebody to love. Yes, the task is rather challenging. Yet, we can indicate the route. We have already mentioned Tinder here, not in a flattering way, though. Still, having such an experience offline sounds… better.

Instead of worn-out things like speed dating, go for something more creative. The idea is simple. You get yourself enrolled in an event and get at a certain time to a location where those who are single on Valentine's Day hang out. Divided into F&M groups, you stand opposite each other and imitate swiping the way it happens on the phone screen. The point is that someone of flesh and blood is standing in front of you, so decisions are most often taken much more meaningfully.

Once you have a match, you are out of the queue until the next round. When all pairs are formed, the second stage begins. You can chat within five minutes or choose another person if the dialogue with your current partner does not work out.

finding someone on a V-day

Naturally, this method of dating does not guarantee you a meeting with the love of your life, but it is definitely not boring and brings many interesting acquaintances.

If such experiments are not for you, old good Instagram is always at hand. Enjoy the list of hashtags to try:















Check out the most popular hashtags among singles celebrating Valentine's Day or apply Toolzu’s Hashtag Generator and don’t act shy to follow or like the profile that stirs you.

To Crown it All

We hope the activities in the article will drive you more than the prospect of staying in low spirits. And if the fifth point turns out to be your choice, perhaps there will be updates in your contacts list. But even if you're not in the mood to date someone, there are still good alternatives to have a great time.

Being single on Valentine's Day should and can be funny and joyful. Hold on for a moment and ask yourself what your heart wants here and now. Once the answer is found, go and get it! Let Valentine's day become a manifestation of unconditional love and affection for yourself!

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