Why Hashtags Are Useless For Influencers & Ways To Overcome It

Zack Pothier
Zack Pothier 31/03/2020
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"Add all the allowed 30 hashtags under each post, and you win over your audience," – they said.

But the miracle doesn't happen, and DMs from sponsors don't overflow your inbox. Are hashtags an obsolete promotion method you should move past? Yes and no. This article gives you an in-depth understanding of:

  • typical hashtags fail;
  • ways to bypass the mistakes;
  • free tool to boost your reach by 3 times.

Let's cut the chase and delve into details!

Instagram hashtags not working: Reasons and solutions

Before moving past hashtags from your blog promotion on Instagram, make sure you don't make typical mistakes. If these errors don't relate to you, so probably you better practice other than hashtags promotion techniques. I'll share them in this blog further!

Here are the 5 bullet points you should avoid when typing # before each word. Pin the right solutions!

Reason #1 – Hashtags are not corresponding with your blog topic

unspecified hashtags

Make sure you are only using hashtags that are relevant to your area and post concept. Let's say some emerging influencers post reviews on top restaurants on their location and use common words for hashtagging like #we, #restaurant, #rome. This method doesn't work anymore!

Instagram improved spam identification mechanisms so that irrelevant hashtags won't place your post on the Explore section. Even worse – Instagram is likely to flag your account for spam tags and may pun you under shadowban. Moreover, irrelevant and unspecified hashtags are not what audiences are likely to look for and follow.

Solution: figure out only relevant and narrow hashtags knitted to your area. That is easy and free: type a keyword in the Hashtag finder search bar and copy those tags marked with Low difficulty. Scroll to the last chapter of this article to explore the guide!

Right hashtags are proved to boost the organic post reach up to 3 times!

Reason #2 – You repeat hashtags from post to post

repeat hashtags

Being an influencer is not fun, as most people think. It's a full-time job requiring creativity, marketing, and communication skills. You can't even use all the same hashtags every time! As long as you copied the set of relevant hashtags using them in every post is rather ineffective.

The issue is Instagram is powered with the detection mechanism. Thus, the social networks can recognize you are using hashtags just for likes count instead of search optimization, and valuable posts for those who follow your hashtag. Consequently, you can get banned for spam actions.

Solution: switch up the hashtags combinations. Create a listing of more than 50-60 relevant to your blog sets. As an experienced SMM strategist, I advise you to compose an Excel spreadsheet where you monitor them and mix them up. Keep in mind that order matters! To create these strategic and narrow sets, use one of the best free tools I've found online. Guesswork won't be helpful.

Changing and mixing also diversify the accounts you reach – that is how you'll figure out the best combination.

Reason #3 – You practice too competitive hashtags

too competitive hashtags

Too competitive hashtags won't be capable of robust Instagram growth. This issue is often devalued when influencers apply top and trending hashtags even related to their niche. Popular hashtags that count more than a million posts are competitive and challenging to stand out. Your content can only be on the cusp for several minutes – this is constantly feed updated!

But I can justify this misconception. How can an influencer guess how long the post will remain on the TOP? But actually, it is possible!

And I know one free service.

Solution: assume hashtags difficulty and time on feed. A Hashtags generator's analytics allows you to view these metrics and make a wise decision. This rule works Google Key Planner likewise – some keys are difficult; the others are ranked as simple. Choose Low difficulty tags – they are niche and allow you to highlight in the TOP feed for up to several days! You need to sign up and explore the guide at the end of this guide.

Reason #4 – Some of your hashtags are banned

That might be disillusioning for you that Instagram counts more than 100 thousand broken and banned hashtags. And you would never tell they may be a reason for shadowbanning and engagement drop.

For example, #happythanksgiving" is a banned hashtag that may cause you a lot of trouble. Unexpected, isn't it?

This state of things means that you should monitor if a hashtag you use banned for spammy content or not. The research might take time but is sufficient to bypass shadowban. This reason is crucial when influencers got frustrated that a hashtag even leads to the impressions downfall.

Solution: you can track hashtags in-app or use special service. The first method is a time-sink since you need to find each hashtag manually on Instagram. The second option is to use Hashtags finder that excludes banned hashtags from the lists – easy and safe! The developers check up the status and update the database every day.

Stop the guesswork: how to find rare hashtags?

Now let's overview how you can yo find a niche, easy-to-promote, and safe hashtags using free service. The blueprint is clearcut:

Method #1 Use up to 5 keywords

5 keywords

  1. Indicate keys related to your area divided by commas;
  2. Choose "Generate hashtags";
  3. Copy Low and Medium Difficult Hashtags to your set.

Method #2 Paste a URL to a post

hashtag generator for instagram

  1. Go to an IG post you need to power with hashtags;
  2. Copy the link to this post;
  3. Paste the link into the search bar;
  4. Make your perfect hashtags blend.

Method #3 Upload an image

upload an image

  1. Select a media file on your device;
  2. Upload this image to the Generator;
  3. Copy the simplest and narrow hashtags to your spreadsheet.

Voila – that is how hashtags will work!

The final thought

Instagram hashtags are not working for your promotion because you might be uninformed of certain mistakes. No worries, modern services, and robust Hashtags generators are the tools that can upgrade your strategy better than a sided agency. Never give up and use the hashtags wisely!

Zack Pothier
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Zack Pothier


Victoria 09/04/2020 15:14:03

OMG, Why is it so difficult to use hashtags ?! These are just hashtags. Is it really possible to get at least some coverage from the using hashtags?

Zack Pothier 09/04/2020 15:17:20

Of course, it is possible. The most important thing is to use the correct hashtags, and then you will get a conversion. With our Hashtag Generator, you can pick them up in a couple of minutes. :)

George 08/04/2020 16:57:59

Instagram is completely crazy, why do they ban hashtags? I have never even heard of this. Just googled a whole list of banned hashtags... complete nonsense!

Mason 07/04/2020 15:49:23

Now I finally understand why some hashtags are not working on Instagram. Usually, I just used the first hashtags that came across and thought that they would help me; it turned out that not everything is so simple. It seems today I have become a little smarter. Thanks :D

Rick 07/04/2020 09:14:23

Super! Thanks dude! I especially liked the function of choosing hashtags by photo, since I don’t really like spending time writing or inventing something. All the best to you!

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 14:52:40

You are welcome, dude!;)

Mike 06/04/2020 14:55:22

Thanks! It was a surprise to me that Instagram can determine when I use the most popular hashtags in order to draw attention to my posts. Please tell me, can Instagram determine that I used a hashtag generator?

Diana 07/04/2020 10:07:25

Hm, you know, I don’t think so. I heard that instagram can track if a user uses applications that help them like them, but the hashtag generator just helps you find hashtags, and you yourself decide which one of the hashtags to choose. so don’t worry about it!

Zack Pothier 07/04/2020 14:55:01

Of course not! A hashtag generator only gives a selection of hashtags. Do not worry:)

Dina 04/04/2020 12:43:34

I did not even know that there is a hashtag generator that helps to pick up more popular hashtags. Thank you very much for your article, it was useful to me.

Zack Pothier 06/04/2020 14:50:26

You are welcome Dina!

Blair 03/04/2020 12:46:39

I was looking for articles about how to become an instagram blogger and found yours! I try to promote my instagram account to become more popular. Thank you very much for the article I will follow your advice.

Zack Pothier 04/04/2020 12:36:11

That’s great! Let me know how it goes for you

Liam 02/04/2020 15:36:06

Why is working with hashtags on Instagram so hard? I didn’t even know that there are so many nuances. Thanks for helping me figure this out a little. I need to try your service to simplify my life. :)

Zack Pothier 03/04/2020 12:34:26

You are welcome, Liam!=)

Neel 02/04/2020 12:18:11

Great post, Zack!
It seems to me that I used hashtags incorrectly, so I did not have the desired result. I think I will try to increase the number of followers using hashtags again. But this time I will take your recommendations into account. Thanks!

Zack Pothier 03/04/2020 12:37:34

Cool dude! Keep me posted. =)

David 01/04/2020 14:33:05

Oh, it seems now I began to understand why some hashtags are not working. It seems to me that up to this point, I did not know how hashtags work at all. :D

Mark 01/04/2020 15:00:00

I agree with you, bro. I have the same problem. Well, now it’s clear why hashtags are bad when misused. I never thought about that. It will be necessary to study this in more detail.

Zack Pothier 04/04/2020 12:38:14

I am glad that my article was useful to you!

Tatti 01/04/2020 13:59:57

Thanks to the author of the article for showing how to use Instagram hashtags efficiently! For me, this has always been a big problem, because I did not understand how the hashtag selection algorithm works. But now I can relax.

Zack Pothier 02/04/2020 12:23:38

Glad you liked it, Tatti.;)

Lola 01/04/2020 13:24:49

Okay, what if I use Instagram hashtags for business? Will this article help me get more followers? I'm not ready to buy account ads from other bloggers yet, and I want to promote my account myself.

Zack Pothier 02/04/2020 12:21:51

Oh sure. My article is about a hashtag strategy that really helps increase the number of followers. Regardless of whether a personal or business account.
Best of luck to you, Lola!

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