Bold font generator

Bold text converter is an excellent opportunity to highlight your text on social media platforms, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr. Do you want to emphasize your name or the title of your article? So, it doesn't matter what you will underline with our bold text maker; it's not a problem to create an exciting text.

How does it work?

To create a text with bold letters, you just copy and paste a text or its fragments. But the process of creation itself has a more complicated structure. So, I mean the Unicode system, with the help of which the plain text transforms into a bold one. The Unicode system has a significant number of characters, the specific combination of which creates bold text. 

The fact is that you copy not a bold font but characters because the font itself cannot be copied and pasted. 

Modern browsers support many Unicode system's characters. That's why you may paste a combination of characters that creates bold fonts into many browsers.

Copy and paste. How to get bold text font?

Thanks to the bold fonts generator, the creation process is quite simple. You should copy the plain text from any source and paste it into the bold text generator. Then copy the necessary font (characters combination of the Unicode system) from the right window and paste it to your blog, Instagram bio, or Facebook comments.

So, emphasize your text with a bold front amidst other ordinary texts to catch the reader's attention and make your content not only interesting content but with visually exciting content.