Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts Generator for Instagram bio, captions and more

Did you know that a text published in a unique and non-standard font can derive twice more engagement to a post? We’ve found it out, and now we suggest using Toolzu Font Generator for any of your Instagram texts.

Does Custom Fonts are Worth To Try?

You’re playing safe – you can change all data anytime. But I bet that you can unexpectedly get a fantastic boost for your post engagement, page, comment, story, or more with unusual Instagram fonts. Do you realize how many types of unique fonts usage do we have in the arsenal? Here are four primary abilities to use 80+ fonts from the free font generator:

Instagram name and bio

Just type your page name in the generator and get lots of outline variants and styles in seconds. Choose the one that reflects the concept of your page best. Paste it right in your profile. Viola! Your page looks incredible now. Moreover, the custom font can make your bio 100% more readable and clear.

Call to action

Use an Instagram font generator to make your Call-to-action line in bio looking delicious and desirable clicking on your website link.


Do you want your viewer to click β€œMore” in your caption? Outline the first line with a fantasy font (for example, small caps) and use the attention-grabbing phrase – and he will do it. The uniqueness of the font will help you to stop him from scrolling immediately


Do you want your comment to look outstanding super eye-catching among hundreds of others? Let it shine in a new custom font look! Choose the Gothic one, old-looking, or funny bubbled font. The idea is so simple yet effective – almost everyone will read and even like, or maybe reply to your comment if it seems so unique. And if you use normal text for comment – the chance to be seen is so low. Use emoji and pretty font – its a double struck!

Custom Font Case Studies for IG

How to use cool fonts without overdoing:
Correlate with your concept

Don’t use too crazy, comic or fancy fonts if your account topic is severe enough. Choose a firm and elegant one. Serif will look great for a cool text.

Check twice

After you paste the custom font phrase or word from the font generator somewhere – check created twice. Check it from the desktop browser and from a smartphone. It should look great and readable. Look through your text like a severe newspaper editor. Be careful with handwriting fonts. Bold italic looks great always.

Stay logical

Highlight the most important things with cool fonts. Don’t overuse the ability of an eye-catching effect; it is an art of staying simple. Overusing of custom text font can cause the hardness of text perception. Imagine you’re writing the brand book of your account – what fonts and how often you’ll use?
Don’t use it fully in a big text. Just use cursive fonts and special text symbols to highlight something.

Choose one style

It is hard, but you need to be strong enough to stick to one style or one set of styles in the font maker. Don’t make a mess on your profile with the mixing of too many styles. Mix the default IG font with a pretty custom one.


How to make texts on Instagram with custom fonts online?

Use the Font Generator tool:

  1. Type or paste the word or phrase you need to highlight with a custom font in the Font Generator.
  2. Click β€œGenerate.”
  3. Choose the style you think is cute.
  4. Click the β€œCopy” button near the one you like.
  5. Tap β€œPaste” wherever you like to paste it.

Don’t lose time in other generators. This one works best in 2024.

Do stylish text generator need a download?

No downloads are needed in the font generator. Copy and paste. Everything is generated, copied right in the tool. The design and calligraphy are simple, just try. Use funky fonts, tattoo-looking fonts, to create eye-catching, readable, or even weird text without any download, in this free font creator.

In what other social media can use the custom fonts?
Generate text with the beautiful script fonts anywhere you like – it will look great on Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
What language can I use in my texts to make the custom font in the fancy text generator?
All font styles in the fonts changer are available for the Latin alphabet. English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, etc. Input any Latin alphabet text and get art.