Facebook Fonts

Font generator for Facebook

Meet a handy Facebook generator that modifies your FB plain font of comments, bio, names, and posts into a unique and eye-catching.

Are you bothered by the plain font and want to change something in your profile? It's easy! Your posts, group names, and comments will now be more attractive and exciting. It's never too late to spice things up!

Five reasons to try the generator in action

You can use the generator to change the font of any Facebook text, here are just the basic options for creating cool and unusual text fonts.

  1. Facebook bio

A standard description of the company, brand, or your personality may not even attract the user to find out more about the profile. The bio is the first thing a new user encounters. The important thing here is not to miss the user, but to make the profile a part of your Facebook audience. You are free to make your bio a plain one, or you can add a touch of originality that will attract more traffic to your page. 


Even among hundreds of the most ordinary comments, making yours a little better than the rest is possible. An aesthetic, funny, or vintage fonts are already rushing to your rescue. Do not miss the chance to attract new friends with a β€œstandard” comment under an intriguing post.

  1. Posts

Just because a bio is more or less unusual doesn't mean you have to stop there. What about your posts and news feed? I think you should add a twist here because that would make your whole profile look more organically. What do you reckon?

  1. Your FB group name

Do you have a FB group, or are you an administrator? It doesn't matter what the theme of the group is: whether it's a serious topic or funny cat memes. The most important thing is an appropriate and exciting group name. Even the most tedious and uncomplicated name can be made more creative and catchy. The Toolzu generator will help you.

How to use unusual Facebook Fonts appropriately?

Follow these simple rules to blend visually better your bio, profile, and names and get the most out of using fonts.

  1. Don't forget what your profile is about 

If your profile has been made for serious product promotion, a comic or zalgo font would be inappropriate. Just think about the suitability of a font for your profile. It's better to give preference to a β€œdiscreet” font or even an aesthetic one if your product is a decorative cosmetic, for example.

  1. Stick to one font style

The choice of one or, in some cases, two fonts is as crucial as choosing your business strategy: follow your selected option, and you will succeed. It is best not to overload the β€œappearance” of your profile with different fonts; otherwise, the user may leave the page without browsing your necessary information. 

  1. Preliminary check

After modifying the text into another font, don't forget to look at it from the outside to make sure your profile, bio, etc., looks good with the new font, emphasizing the concept of your business or product and not overwhelming the viewer. Is everything okay? Are you satisfied with an eye-catching text? So, you've selected the right font!


How to use the online generator?
  • visit the Toolzu Facebook Fonts generator tool;
  • insert the text the font of which you desire to modify into the input line;
  • copy the necessary modifying text font choosing the β€œtwo overlapping squares” icon on the top right.
  • insert the modifying text font into FB and enjoy the final result.
Does the tool need any registration or installation?

No, there is no need for registration or installation as the tool works online. So, just connect to the internet and use the copy-paste process to change the text font for FB.

Can I use the generator to change the font for other social networks?

Yes, you are free to choose any social network to modify the text fonts there: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.