Cursed text generator

The cursed text generator is perfect for making your comment or profile a little strange and thus attracting attention. Use the curse generator to create a cursed text font for different social networks and become more popular.

How it works

The main reason for creating the cursed letters is the usage of the Unicode system. The point is that the Unicode system contains not only characters from different languages but also diacritical marks, which are used in some languages. Diacritics can superimpose themselves on letters and create the effect of a strange and a cursed word. Sometimes people call this text β€œsatanic” or even β€œempty”. It may even seem defective or glitchy to you because the word itself includes a large number of diacritics and can be hard to see and read. You may use the β€œCraziness level” button to make the text as strange and glitchy as possible, which will undoubtedly surprise your friends.

Where to use

Use the cursed text converter to create a cursed font for comments under horror stories on YouTube or any social network. Scare your friends with a cursed chat using the cursed keyboard. But do not abuse this text, as many people will find this text glitchy, and they will hurry to close your website or Youtube comments.

Copy and paste

To get a cursed text, you need to copy an ordinary text from any source and paste it into the generator's left window. Then copy the final version in the right window of the generator and paste it into comments or a chat with friends.