Small Text Generator

A small text converter is a tool that creates plain text into a small one, which you may insert on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. It's converting a standard font into small fonts. But to be more precise, you can't paste a font into a social platform only characters. So, how does the transformation work? Let's get this straight.

The Unicode system

The small text maker converts text with the help of the Unicode system. This system has many characters(more than 120 000), a small part of which you may view on your keyboard. But only half of it is supported by modern browsers.

Among many characters, there is an alphabet of small symbols, subscript, and superscript characters, which play an essential role in small text creation. In other words, small letters are miniaturized equivalents of standard symbols.

You should consider that you copy not a small font, but characters as it's impossible to paste fonts into any platforms. And it sounds good as it allows you to diversify your texts and comments with creative small letters.

Where to use a small text font

Luckily, influential social media platforms support most characters in the system. It means that you may diversify your comments, articles, and blogs on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. A small font generator allows you to create unique fonts that make your texts stand out from the others, attracting more attention from followers and readers.

Copy and paste

To get a small text, you should copy your original text and insert it into a small fonts generator. Then choose the necessary generated font (character combination) into a social network to diversify your texts or comments and add more creativity.